Yakiniku Trip At Yoyogi

Been going to Yoyogi for Yakiniku (Roasted meat??) a week ago with friends since the price is really cheap. Been asked want to go together or not and then I told them yes.

men souls

The Yakinku shop named Guts Soul. Located very near after get out from the Yoyogi Station.

This Yakiniku shop is really cheap. there are having 食べ飲み放題 (Tabenomi Houdai, which mean eat & drink all you can courses) with just 1280 yen!


The menu is also quite gorgeous. You based on this menu and order the food through a special remote controller which located at your table.


And this is the table. The Iron which shaped circle is the place where you roast your meats.

When going to Yakiniku Shop, I would recommended you all not to order rices at first. Eat all the meat as you can first. Then if you still have spaces for rices, order them. This is to make sure you are having your 1280 Yen worth what you eat. ^^.

First round

First round.. Yummy~~

last round

Last Round!!! LOL

At first we never expected the time to be so short. The time ticking, we start to feel so full that we can’t really eat anymore…. So as you can see from the pictures above, We are having problem finishing all those meats….

We ended up paying 400 Yen for the 400 grams meat which left over….LOL. One should never be too greedy… X.X”


The guy located at the right hand side is the senpai who bring us to this shop. From Thai. The left hand side is my classmate which sit beside me at the class now. From Thai too.


And this two is my classmate which go together with me. From Korean. They are shy and keep moving around…..


This is the shop’s look from the outside. Located at second floor.

After eating up at the Yakiniku shop, we also go for some walking and chit chat around Harajuku. They also ordered some Crepes to eat but not me. ^^ It’s hard for being poor. Will cover up some post about Japan’s Crepes.

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4 Responses to Yakiniku Trip At Yoyogi

  1. Lkeith89 says:

    i think Chouji is the most suitable person to go to this shop, if got even one Chouji, i think the shop will bankrap in no time… haha

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      You are definitely right. ^^ So that Azuma-sensei don’t need to be broke…

      Just wonder how long did I stopped watching Naruto…….

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