Where had I been?

Sorry for the lacking of post for the past two week. I went to Rinkan Gakkou organized by ABK Japanese Language school. Then, Exams are follow on until now(actually the exams continue until next week…). So I had been extremely busy to keep up with all those activities and in the meanwhile have to study for exams. The result is that the lacking of new post in this site for the past two weeks….

So now while I’m having some little time, I will be continue posting bit by bit. Just let you know somethings about what I’m going to post on this point on:

  1. The Trip to Fuji Mountain during Rinkan Gakkou
  2. My First Figma
  3. My Second Figma
  4. My Third Figma nah….
  5. My Performance During Rinkan Gakkou

Well, Guess that’s it. At the end of this short post, let me show you some of the photos during Rinkan Gakkou.

Mt. Fuji

View of Mount Fuji on our trip back to Tokyo.

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4 Responses to Where had I been?

  1. Lkeith89 says:

    you only one week no post only ma… no need to say sorry… me already few month didn’t post any post leh… what should i say???

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… The Blog stat had been running low since I stopped posting… If no post again. soon will run out of readers loh…

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