Wall’s Clear Rack

Roughly a month ago, When I visited DannyChoo’s Site, I saw the post which write about he bought more Clear Rack to display his figures. Then I followed his link to Amazon and Ordered one too.


Got from Amazon for 2480 yen.

Smile Logo

Anyone can tell me is this Smilling Logo really is Amazon’s Logo?

Screw it in

The Clear Rack and the Holder is not comes together. You have to use screw(Provided) to screw them in and then punch into your wall.

Done screwing

Done screwing it in the hole.

punch onto the wall

Then you have to Punch it using Nail and the Puncher(Provided) to your wall so that it can fixed there.

water balanced meter

Even Bought another Water Balancer to make sure the rack is parallel with the floor.

cap on

Then you Put on the Cap to covering up the Ugly punch holes. (Provided).

The total progress of setting it up took me about 50 minutes. Aren’t really hard to put it up together and really liked it. Below is the final Product:

Final Product

Yes, Bought Suzumiya Haruhi’s Novel to read on some free time. (Not really have any free time for it…)


Paralleled with my bed and floor.

As you can see, I setted it up beside my bed so that I can put my clock to wake me up every morning. (Sometime putting my Iphone too.) The rack is really nice and If you have proper lighting environment, it’s really beautifull. Will consider putting some light around it next time~~~

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