Vegetable juice

Recently I’m getting quite tired and felt that I can’t get enough of sleep no matter how much I slept yesterday. And so I think it must be nutrition problem for me. So I bought a vegetable juice yesterday night on my way home from my work.
I’m the kind of people who don’t like to eat vegetable. I haven’t been eating vegetables since grade 3 until recently when I came to Japan.

The Pack of 1 L.

I noticed that I shouldn’t be like this forever since it’s not good for my health. But it’s hard for me to buy the vegetables purposely just because I need those nutritions. (How I wish I have a girlfriend who can cook me heart-warming lunch everyday…)

Tasted like Tomatoes….. and Carrot-ish.

This is my first time drinking vegetable juice in my life. It looked carrot-ish colour. And it tasted…. Tomatoes?? ^^

Well, it’s good that it didn’t tasted so yucky. I don’t remember I saw any vegetable juice sold back in Malaysia.(or was it?^^)

How do you maintain your nutrition balance?

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4 Responses to Vegetable juice

  1. lkeith89 says:

    actually got de… example on cameron highlands… there got sell their organic vegetable juice.. still remember?? That time we both go together with Ah Su one…
    Well, if you ask me how to maintain my nutrition, i brought fruits from Hypermarket every week. Sometimes i lazy to eat also, but when i felt that i am going to sick, then i will eat a lot.
    Well, i eat vegetable almost everyday here, seems chickens, fish are expansive… haha, so in order to save money, eat vegetable is more good for my wallet lo haha…

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