University’s Guidance (Kesenaitsumi Ver.)

Hi. It had been a while since I last wrote a blog and I just got back from my University’s Guidance talk.

Japanese traditional way of decorating “Welcome on your entering to our school” with  flowers.

Went there about 1.30 p.m. and the talk started at about 2.00. We are suppose to be there to hear some talk and guide on how to choosing your subject of study for your semester. And to get your student card, which provide Library Usage, Computer Usage, Checking your study Progress and timetable through their site, paying for figma, using as Credit Card, transform into a fighting Mobile suit…..etc

Those are the people sit in front of me, the same amount of student sat on the other side, and double sat behind me.

What really surprised me is that the amount of student. I saw about whole hall of student went for the same department as me. Then later heard the teacher said, about 198 student will be studying IT together with me this year… WOW. Just to let you know, my school got 23 department and considering 23 X 200 student intake yearly….. around 4000 new student every year!

My Stupid face is on the card^^ It made me looked fat.

After the long and boring talk, We go and get our student ID card. Then Straightly I go back home. Spotted few girl quite ok and made a Japanese friend.(Sorry, is a He.) That all for today, Still have placement test for English and Mathematics tomorrow.

The Ring Folder they gave us to read… Holy Shxt…

That is lots!!! full of Small Japanese Words….

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol… welcome to university’s live… haha.. good luck, gambateh.. haha..

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