University 1st year spring semester ended

My University (Tokai University) had ended the spring semester. I’m now on Holiday mood and had been to Firework Festival, All cleared Star Craft II, and had met up old friends at Tokyo already.

After 4 months of study in my University, I’m can’t say that I’m totally get used to it yet but I already had the ideas of how my University do things. Result this semester is not really as I wished it to be. Gonna work hard at the next semester.

I didn’t planned well in financial for the past half-year… Been using money at place where I shouldn’t and got myself into trouble few times. Hadn’t been living well with fixed time to sleep and fixed time to wake up.

I can conclude my 1st semester in my University is kinda bad and was deeply regret it. From now on I will be better me and try to archive what I really want to.


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  1. Vivian says:

    i like that photo~
    really beautiful^^

  2. lkeith89 says:

    Me as well, didn’t plan my time well properly last year… wasted too much time… Me also tried to improve myself. Hope to see a better of u in future. take care my friend. Happy always. =)

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