Trip to Rinkan Gakkou(Included Mt. Fuji) Part 1

It had been a month ago during my trip to Mt. Fuji, But I insisted on posting this post up here even though it is late.

The Trip included visit to Mt. Fuji’s 5th floor? (Not sure how should I called it 五合目), Visit Oshino hakkai (忍野八海), Visit Shiroito Waterfall…. And here you are(intensive Photos viewing and caption reading section below.):

Half way

Half way on our trip to Mt Fuji. This is somewhere at the rest station.


This is what we have as our Lunch at Mt. Fuji. Not really tasty from my opinion.

View from Window

The view from the windows from our lunch eating place.


And this is where I posted my Postcard for my family, friends and my teachers.

Me in Red

Taking some photos before coming down from Mt. Fuji. Guess which one is me?


The sea of clouds. 雲海(Unkai) in Japanese?

The sea of clouds was taken on our way back from Mt Fuji’s 5th Floor which is 2770 M from sea level. Now heading for some Swamp-village.

Lake Town1

And here it is! It’s like a small village which is filled by 8 swamps

Oshi no Hakkai

Okay, Actually this place is called 忍野八海. This is located in the middle of the village. Inside this water have a fish which aged 70+ years old.


It’s ME! Like the village because it seem like village from the China’s Kung Fu’s Generation….


It’s Me too. You can see the Mt. Fuji behind my head and the view there is great!

Make noodles

And you can take a tour about how the Japanese make noodles when there is still no GUNDAM machine to help.

Snow water

You know why Mt. Fuji is always having some part in White at the head? Because it’s getting too high and the water there all freeze into ices. This is the water which get melt from the Mountain since it’s summer here.

After getting enough photos session and souvenir buying session there, We get back. And then now it’s on our way to Seinen No Ie(青年の家).


Reached there. And the first thing to do is to listen to Boring Rules Explanation…..

Dance Practise

And then it’s our time for dance practicing. We have very little time to practice it and then we will have to perform later on the night.

all dancers

Taken this photo after the practice session. Time for lunch.

The post will be getting extremely long and boring if I continue to write on it here. So I think I should keep it for another post. See you next time on Part 2 ^^.

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6 Responses to Trip to Rinkan Gakkou(Included Mt. Fuji) Part 1

  1. keith Lim says:

    I am so happy to see u inside this blog. I mean finally i saw u inside picture inside this blog. Haha, really long time no see u already. Quite miss the days when we are at form 6 (although i know u dont like that time).

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL. I dislike putting my own photos inside this blog one. ^^

  3. mpheng89 says:

    haha..but u also put liao

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