Touhou Double Spoiler is coming soon~

The New Touhou Game 12.5 is announced by ZUN’s Blog. It’s called the Double Spoiler. (ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖).
The game play is similiar to the Touhou 9.5 Shoot the Bullet series, where you control Aya Syameimaru and took photos of the boss and have a taste of being inside a screen full with bullet. ^^
It’s to be said that will be released on March 14,2010 at the Reitaisai 7 convention. Seemed like it’s going to be in Tokyo Big Sight again this year.
This time I’m planned to and take some photos showing you all. The rest of the images from the official site:
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4 Responses to Touhou Double Spoiler is coming soon~

  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    Wah , long time didn’t come here…
    Lately busy with a lot of assignment and so annoyed with my shit broadband line… =.=

    Put that aside..

    Glad to see Aya Syameimaru.
    Since i didn’t play Touhou Hisouten for a long while..
    Well.. even though i didnt play the shooting mode.. still happy to see Aya… Thanks for your sharing..

    So how was you?
    Got time to play it? Hehe >.<

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Haha. Didn’t even buy it… since it’s a pain to play with my current slow laptop so I gave it up…

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