Tokyo Game Show 2010

I had been to Tokyo Game Show that located at Makuhari Messe at 18th September 2010 with my friend. I bought the ticket at 7-eleven nearby my house for 1000 Yen.

Reached there  at 11.10 am. Got there late because I got the wrong station name.

Weather that day was really nice, and not too hot.

Up till here, I start to wonder… “wow… looked like not really lots of people coming to this TGS 2010”.. But then the nightmare had just begin~

Those who didn’t bought the ticket before-handed have to line up in these lines.

And for those who already have it, They still have to line up in these lines too!!!

Adl who went there with me.

After lining up for about 20 minutes, we finally got our beg checked and went in the stadium. They didn’t allow anythings that is longer than 50cm (umbrella, etc…) and sharp tools like scissors, cutters and much…. They are really strict.

The first things I saw when I’m in the stadium.

That was my first time there so I didn’t know from where should we walk from. So we decided to take a circle of the stadium and then proceed to the middle of the stadium.

KT Corner. Maybe the longest screen on the stadium that day.

Wanted to line up to play this game but ended up looking at other things first and forgot about it later on.

Show girl Number 1.

It’s really a low light environment inside the stadium(making excuse for the lame photos taken by my iPhone 4). But I personally prefer this environment than that of the Comiket. It have more feel and relaxing.

The FF XIV’s special router… Nice way of earning money Square Enix… (Can’t deny the design is really Cool)

Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby!!

Wanted that Huge Ghost Teresa-chan. ^^

I wished this is my room’s wall design~

Tons of CD all from Final Fantasy Series~ So damned much!!

They even have two iPad for you to play the songs from all those album and choose for what you really want.

We then spotted the Square Enix booth and decided to line up for it first. We got to see Square Enix Produced figures, pendants, and some phone straps.

Metal Gear Solid.

Front Mission and Kingdom Hearts Series.

Kinda wanted this Kupo on the top right side of the photo….

Bayonetta! Haven’t played it but really liked it.

Crystal Monster Key chains from the Famous Dragon Quest series.

I kinda hated the Square Enix booth like above. The low light environment and the light from below really make it hard for us to take photos of the figures. Maybe they made like that so that we have to buy it instead of just taking nice photos of the products….

And we cannot forgot Konami for making the 3 National Girl Friends for Japan! They all holding up their NDS like trying to joining some events. well, Not my business. ^^

Oh! And Wii’s Michael Jackson Game!!

Check out the promote video if you interested:

Assassin Creed’s figure. Haven’t played any of it yet. How about you?

New Multi-Equipment-gun game named VANQUISH. Have some expectation for this. ^^

Show Girl 2. I want those breads. ^^

Hoho! The No-Controller Kinect is here! Too bad the line is already full and I have no chance to test it out….

Then suddenly everyone just start gathered up and looking up at the huge screen. Just when I wondered what happened, I heard the voice of our Diva! Hatsune Miku having her live performance! Yeah!!!

Gorgeous Graphic!

Cute Miku!

And not forgot to post up few photos of Zombie!!!

Leng Lui(Hot Beauties in Chinese) and Zombie seemed like a new boom in Japan. Maybe it’s because of HOTD?

Very Annoying face!! Oh, I meant the zombie. ^^”

Call of Duty new Act! Finished Modern Warfare but don’t really liked shooting games…

We took about 4 hours just looking around at the first stadium. And there is 2 more stadium!! Holy Shit! we have no enough time to look at all the stadium now!!! Think it’s really not possible for one to take a look at every single booths in Tokyo Game Show…. There are just too much!!

A Monster Hunter promotion booth.

The only game that I had lined up for game-testing that day. Really an unique type of game that combined 3D Slashing action and 2D side scrolling game-play.

Check out this trailer. I really liked the drawing of this game:

Ok, some cute bunny~~

It’s already 4.30p.m. after we had looked at all the above booths and we started to getting hungry. Went for the 3rd stadium to get some foods to Om nom nom. Bought the below Malaysian Curry for 700 Yen. Expensive!

I dare to say I can cook better Malaysian Curry than this one. Tasted normal….

Finally the main Poster for TGS 2010.

It was really a fun day at the TGS 2010 with my friends. Looked at tons of new games and got a grasp of how the future(or maybe the up coming?) game is going to be like. Also got some free gifts and free pamphlets to bring back home~ Definitely going to go to it again next year and this time will be reaching there earlier to line up for new games! ^^”

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  1. starlight says:

    What free gifts did u get?
    I got Gambadia’s blowed up ‘toy’. Didn get the green or pink cushion. T_T

    And that Malaysian curry rice really not worth the price.
    Even ME can cook better!! wakaka!!

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