Tokyo Figure Show and My First Tokyo CGM Night

Tokyo Figure Show

The Official Poster of Tokyo Figure Show

Today I had been asked to go together with Lester Ho to the Tokyo CGM Night organized by the Famous Danny Choo. It was my First CGM Night and I’m really getting excited about it.

Danny Choo

Danny Choo on his Storm Trooper Armor.

At 7.00 p.m. The above’s Storm Trooper suddenly appeared on front of the H&M Building at Harajuku. Every Japanese who walked pass there had been shock and delighted by him. Everyone are taking out their Handphone and start taking Photos. Of course so do I ^^


And these are the crowd taking photos of the Storm Trooper.

Actually, today is also the first day of Tokyo Figure Show which organized by Danny Choo too. I didn’t manage to get in the Tokyo Figures Show but got the chances to take photos of the figures through Tokyo CGM Night.

Fate and who

Fate and…. Who is she again?

who and nanoha

… who and nanoha. ^^

The Tokyo CGM Night is organized by Danny Choo which is open for Website Developers, Photographer and Web Bloggers. I had been always wanted to join one and didn’t have the chance until now. Thanks Lester for Bringing me into this Great communities.

Saber Lily and Shana

Figma Saber Lily and Shana.

Kagamiku who and Holo

Kagamin-miku from Lucky Star Ova, Name her out , and Hollow from Spices and Wolf.

Today’s Main Character on Tokyo CGM Night and the Tokyo Figure Show is Suenaga Mirai, the Webpage’s mascot character which is created by Danny Choo himself for his blog. What is more interesting is that, This Mirai Character had been Made to Dakimura Covers, Mouse Pad and now into Figma by GoodSmile Company!!


The Mascot character Mirai Suenaga created by Danny Choo.


And this is the Product. Not sure if it is final.

Mirai 2

And a closer shot of Mirai-chan.

I meet up with Ken Lee, Jonny Li and Danny Choo during the night. Was really looking forward to Danny Choo’s Seminar about web blogging experiences but It seemed like they are not having any this time.

Black Rock Star

Another Cool Figures. Not sure about it’s name… Hmm.. Black Rock Shooter?

World is mine

Hatsune Miku’s World Is Mine Figure. Another Cool one.

Saber Lily

Another Cool Saber Lily!

Jonny and Security

Jonny Li and a nameless Security Guard.

kagamine rin and miku

Kagamine Rin and Miku and….

Miku and kagamine ren

Miku and… Kagamine Ren!

Guess you have already noticed somethings is wrong with above’s photos…. What is a Vitamin Water had to do with Figures? Well, Actually I’m not quite getting it too…. It look like they are promoting this so called “vitamin water” stuff together with this event.

Vitamin Water2

This is the Vitamin Water. LOL

Everyone can get a bottle of this for free. I accidently drank a cup of Vitamin Water which is mixed with alcohol. Had been feeling strange after it… LOL.


Also got Haruhi too.

Kagami and Konata

Kagami and Konata


Also a Doggy Tsukasa too. ^^

Chibi Yoko

A Chibi Yoko-chan.

Haruhi and friends

Chibi Haruhi and Chibi friends.


Miku’s Personal Corner! LOL


Miku 1.

Cyber Miku

VN02 which escaped the time and space.

Miku 3

Miku 3

what is it

A Figma which look like Miku and I’m not sure where it’s from. Miku and Kagamine Rin


Who is she again? I think she is from Nanoha A’s?

The Night is really Great and I got to see Lots of Figures!! Also got to take a photo with Danny Choo!! ^^ (Lester still haven’t send me that photo.) It is really a great chance to meet up with Internet Communities and get to know more about them.

Ming han

If you are in Japan and wish to see the Tokyo Figure Show, you can still make it because this show will be open until 8 August 2009. Time is from 1.00 pm until 6.00 pm. The location is at Harajuku which you can get to by riding Yamanote Line.

* Sorry for the Crappy Photos Quality. It was all taken with my Iphone 3 G so the quality is …. as expected only. ^^”

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12 Responses to Tokyo Figure Show and My First Tokyo CGM Night

  1. wei says:

    blogger YEOH..
    It’s a Great Post..

  2. Keith Lim says:

    Now only i know i only watch few anime…….. so sad…….. still got many anime that i havent watched. So many figure that i dosent reconised… i am so out…. haiz… =(
    But i like all the cute cute anime figure… do u have one?

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Yes. I have not just one but Two. Both from Magical Girl Lyrical nanoha, Which are Fate Tessarosa and Nanoha Takamachi.

      You will watch more eventually. ^^ Goodluck

  3. YUNNDA says:

    Walao, you meet danny choo… haha, great lo!

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