Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7

Yesterday went to The famous Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7 Organised by Danny Choo. Got invitation from Lester Ho, my friend who is also from Malaysia. This is my 3rd times attending the CGM Night and I must said it’s a good oppurtunity to get to know new friends and learning the worlds.

You got to see Dollfies.

Cosplayers…. and…

… the Famous Danny Choo~

This post is filled with tons of photos so be prepared if you are interested in it. Close all your porn sites, Youtubes, Nico Nico Videos first before you proceed.

This time it’s organised at akiba : F , which is the place of Japanese Red Cross Society(日本赤十字社). It’s a place for donating blood but looked like they are lending out this place for Event for Anime Lovers too.

The Design is really nice inside here.

Noticed this Indotei’s Truck ouside Sofmap. ^^ Maybe I should steal some Mirai-Curry from them first.

I reached there quite early at about 7.30 p.m. while the Event started at 8.00 p.m. So I got some free time and there is less people there for me to take photos of the building. Once you reached there, there is Dolfie Ryomo and Tiny Rin-chan are waiting for your arrival. There you have to pay 2000 Yen as admission fees included ticket for Mirai-Curry where you can eat later.

This is where you leave your (名刺)Name card for Danny just in case he is too busy and can’t have a proper name card exchanging with you.

Also there is a Display of Danny Choo’s Miracle Mirai T-shirt and it was all sold out.

Hmm… went in and noticed there are still few people inside there. So decided to take some photos of the building first :

A place where you can get Danny’s Newest Mirai-Poken here.

More pokens for you to choose from.

For those who don’t know, Poken is a kind of Digital Name Card Device where you can exchange your Name card with others with just a touch with each other’s Poken. Then you can Login to Poken’s site and view all the Contacts you had exchanged. It’s also have record of when had you meet them so you can keep yourself in contact with thems. Would like to have one but….

Mirai Poken and Haruka Poken. Also comes in sets. ^^

There are some free Sketch Book on the Tables there for those who like to draw while donating their bloods.

An interesting Rubbish bin where the light of white will turned into blue/green when you throw anythings inside.

Also a Shelf full of Famous Comics for you to read.

Wow… Bakemonogatari’s Comics… Maybe I should buy it too.

Still remember last time I went for Blood Donating at Ikebukuro, there are Free Drinks for you to choose from the vending machines. At here, it got this service too but… since we are not donating any blood tonight so it’s not for us.^^”

無料 = Muryou = Free

Super Wanted this Senjyogahara’s Fan. Also from Bakemonogatari.

Some poster to look at while relaxing yourself before donating bloods. Spotted there is the [Akihabara Blood Donation Room] words.

Think It’s fine with those photos. Had taken more but shouldn’t upload all here. ^^ Let’s Move on with Dolfie’s Photos:

Today’s Dollfie of the Night~ Personally think the dolfie at the left hand side are the best dollfie tonight.

This Tiny Yui is extremely Cute when compared with the Large version above. ^^ Maybe because of the Kimono she wear?

Wow… Dollfie from Touhou Series~ Remilia!

Also won’t forget the Famous Kaguya who lived on the Moon from Touhou. Can’t beat her without losing life….. She is hard.^^”

More and more Dollfies are showing up witht the time going on.

Saber from Fate/Stay Night, and hayate from Nanoha A’s

Also Dollfie Reimu. Oh Wait!! Wasn’t that Reimu in REAL PERSON!???

LOL… Actually there are some cosplayers coming too. ^^ You can see The Famous Yuna from Final Fantasy X-II and Reimu from Touhou and more.

Hmm… Reimu with Camera aren’t so bad at all.. Maybe they should start considering making a ReimuXCamera Figure. (Danny Choo beside~)

Somethings is wrong with the camera? Maybe she should use one of her spell card.

Spotted a little Haruhi here. ^^ She is so Cute. Oh! I meant both of them. ^^”

Hmm… Seemed like Yuna is a little bit Shy to Join them ^^

Ok. Now she is in ^^

Sweet ^^

Yuna is so pretty there.. Liked her Staff too ^^

Two Miko from different Series are taking photos together. Miko (巫女) which is “Shrine Maiden” in english.

Suddenly spotted a Dollfie Owner bringing her Dollfie Reimu arouund and I think ” Hmm.. may look good if we put the dollfie with Cosplay Reimu” And there he is. ^^ He asked the Cosplay Reimu to get hold on the Dollfie Reimu for photos. ^^

It’s sometimes so interesting when people with the same interest gather together. You may find unlimited possibility out there and it might surprise you sometimes. Just like this Dollfie Reimu and Cosplay Reimu situation. How good both of them to be together. Wonder are there any Reimu Figures Owner walking around CGM Night that night. ^^”

Sweet. just like her Daughter.^^ By the way, The girl located here ↑ are her real daughter.

Happy Family ^^

And then suddenly here comes Amano Ai. Her Blog and Wikipedia.

She is cute and today she is in her Original Cosplay.

That’s all concluded Dollfie and Cosplay ^^ Let’s Move on to today’s Spotlight events. They setted up the Camera for USTREAM so people who can’t join the CGM Night can view the Event LIVE through websites.

Hey! I’m on TV!!! USTREAM!! ^^ This is what you might saw if you are viewing CGM through USTREAM.

And this is the Camera which done the Job. What amazed me is that this Camera with try to follow people’s Face and try to film as much people as it can. So that you won’t ended up looking up at walls. ^^

Today also got lots of Guest coming. They are all World famous and are all Important people:

The Famous Good Smile Company’s Akiyama-San. Quete from Danny Choo ” Without Him, there is no Figma and Nendroids. Think everyone of you must be in Dead without those. ^^ “

Gerard Lemos Acting Chair of the British Council… Not really know much about him but also an Important people. We need people who are from International to make the Event a success. He is having fun taking photos and looking at those dollfie that night too. ^^

Last, a little speech from Japan Red Cross Society about akiba : F and encouraging peoples to donate bloods. ^^ I had done my at Ikebukuro which is also center of Japan Red Cross Society.

Then It’s food time! Today’s another highlight is that we all got to Eat Mirai-Curry from Indotei before it’s actually at sell!

This is the ticket for Mirai-Cury where you got at the entrance when you paying up 2000 Yen. As you can see I got an 8, which meant I’m the eighth person come in.

And this is the Curry with Lassi and half boiled egg. What great is that you got to look at the Sketch books, Displayed goods, Dollfies and Cosplayer while you are eating. How nice it’s.

And then we have some prizes to win back with the JanKenPon Competition. There are some sudden gift of Illustrator books and Sleeping Together with Hinako-chan Blue-ray and DVD to win.

Here it is me won the CG Illustrating Technique book. Picture snatched from LesterHo’s Site since He haven’t send me the photos yet. ^^

To win the Sleeping Together with Hinako-chan Disc, You have to win Yuna in the JankenPon Competition.

And here is Lester Ho who won the prize. ^^ He is Lucky. I want that too. LOL.

The event Last for 2 hours and if you Minus all those Photos taking times, It’s really short. The rest of the times, people usually just exchanging Name Cards, Talking with each other after so long no meet. While Me went for Photo Session with Cosplayer. ^^

First it’s with Yuna-San from the Famous Final Fantay X-2 series. Really liked Yuna back then for Koda Kumi‘s Songs 1000 Words and Real Emotion.

Also took one with Lester in too ^^

And then It’s with Reimu, My Favourite Character in Tohou Series. For every Touhou Series, I used only Reimu. LOL. Suddenly a song comes to my mind “お賽銭、入れてよね!お賽銭!” ^^

Well, Think that concluded the CGM night. It was a Fun event and Hope that Danny would sent me a Direct Invitation too next time. ^^ Meeting up with new people is really great and whatover I’m meeting up great people from over the worlds.

This is what I got from CGM Night Episodes 7. Illustration Technique book, 2 Illustration and few Name Cards from Interesting people.

For Omake(Extra Service in Japanese), Here are photos of we went Karaoke singing Anime Songs after the CGM Night with Matsuda-san (Yuna Cosplayer), Allen Margerison, Peter, and Hisapyon-san [Correct me If I’m mistaken on the name]

Here you are 1000 Words Raion from Yuna. ^^ She is singing Macross Frontier’s 2nd Opening song. Of course I joined too ^^

Alan Margerison ^^ Heard that he came to Japan since 1987… which is 2 years before I Borned. LOL.

Lastly, A group Photo which concluded my CGM Night. From Left: Matsuda-san(as Yuna), Peter, Hisapyon, Me and Alan. ^^

お疲れ様でした!! Thanks for reading to the end. It was a long post in a while which included 1600+ words and 60 photos. Hopes that this post will help those who can’t attend CGM night to know more about CGM Night and take a look at what the event is like.

You can also check out Lester Ho’s Report on CGM Night Episode 7.

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  1. Lester Ho says:

    Omg! I want that Illustration books!

    Have to go back early that day or else I’m gonna stay overnight in the middle of the street. ^^;;

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL… When are you going to send me my Photos? ^^

  3. dans says:

    Nice coverage. Congrats for the book. I saw you and Lester Ho during CGM Nite. Should have introduced myself to you. Next time, eh ? And Alan is the infamous Shibuya246 🙂

  4. lkeith89 says:

    lol… really long post…

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… Great event have to got Great Coverage. Tried to Cover up the event as much as I can by using Photos and Text.

  5. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    > Dan

    Hey! Thanks for the Photo. Now I know who you are. ^^
    Let meet up on next CGM ^^

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