Tokyo CGM Night 8

Last friday I had went to the famous Japan Pop Cultures blogger, a.k.a Danny Choo event named “CGM Night”. This is the 8th time of the CGM Night and I had joined 3 before. You can check out of my previous entry of the CGM Night here:

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All the people that night. It’s really hard to fit all people in this small hall.

As usual the CGM Night is a gathering of famous blogger’s which have great interest in Japan’s pop cultures(anime, games, figures, dollfie…). The word CGM stand for “Consumer Generated Media”, which meant media(blog posts, news, feeds, tweets..) which wrote by consumer itself. You will need to be an active blogger and own a Twitter account to join the CGM Night.

As usual, the night started by introduction speech(very short and funny) from Danny Choo himself. A simple introduction of tonight’s guest and rules and then have fun!

This is the only photo of Danny which I took clearly that night… Sorry Danny ^^”

Mr Sugiyama from Digital Hollywood Studio. Thanks for the venue that night. He looked really fit in with all the cosplayers.

We also got to taste the Yummy Mirai-chan Curry from Indotei. The taste is good but I would prefer they use drumstick meat for their curry instead of chest meat. ^^

The usual ticket for you to exchange for the Yummy Mirai-chan Curry.^^

Mirai-chan Curry! Yum!

That night, We got Amano Ai performing her song with her band named Juliehally. She sang the song with the nostalgic 8-bit music created using the old Famicon game machine. Sounded very techno and fantastic. ^^

Amano Ai. She is just fantasting. She wore a Bery BIG Ribbon on her head that night. ^^

This is the machine they used to create the classic 8-bit music from. Really Pro-Customization….

After the performance, it’s time to meet up with the usual members and new friends. Compared to last time, I see more local Japanese this time.

As Usual we have Jonnyli worked at the register. Paid 2000 Yen for the entrance fees and we received ticket for Free Mirai-chan Curry and the CGM Night Pass. From this time on, we have to bring along this CGM Night pass with us. According to Danny, we will get one free entry after we had collected 6 stamps.

My Pass.^^

Back side. The spaces is for future usage?

Met a Malaysian whose had worked here for 1 and a half-year. He shown me his iPad and I was able to taking a photos with the iPad in my hand. ^^

The iPad! In my Hand!! Too bad it is not mine…

Also met up with a Japanese, Hisapyon-san whose used to writing entries about Akihabara tour every week from last time’s CGM Night. He is funny and humble man. I like to hang out with him around Akihabara.

Managed to meet Steve Nagata too. He had operated the UStream channel whole night and so didn’t have much time for socializing.

Steve! Working with Sony HD Video Camera.

I’m on TV USTREAM again!! This is what you will see if you watch the live-streaming during CGM Night.

We also have Good Smile Company decoration master showing off figures of Black Rock Shooter which haven’t been on sale yet! Managed to take photos of them before the actual products are out.

Black Rock Shooter with Black Blade. Awesome!

Well, CGM Night won’t be complete without some Prizes~~~ As usual, we got prizes to win and Danny had again organized the Janken competition(ジャンケン大会). Prizes included figures of Hideyoshi Takeshita from Baka Test, Mirai-chan’s Dakimura(hug pillow) cover, some nendroid figures of Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa from Touhou and some illustrator books.


We have Sweet Amano Ai as Janken opponent.

This guy seemed to be overly happy for wining the illustrator collection book. ^^”

Me didn’t have much luck that night and didn’t win any round of it but Hisapyon had won the Hakurei Reimu’s nendroid like figures. But then Danny Choo requested him to throw the prize for the audience. And so he thrown it to me. ^^ yeah! Thanks Hisapyon-san…

Hakurei Reimu. My favourite Touhou Character. Thanks Hisapyon-san again ^^

Back side of the box.

As my usual custom, I will go and ask for photo session with cosplayers(maybe I should try cosplaying one too next time). This time we have cosplayer for Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier the movie, some characters from Gin-tama(sorry, didn’t watch it so doesn’t know their names), and some soldier cosplay by student from University Digital Hollywood.

Characters from Gintama… and also Jonnyli whose popped his head into the photo. ^^ He is a fun man.

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier the Movie. I still haven’t watched the Movie yet. Did you guy managed to watch it yet?

The night is very short after you minus out the times to eat the Mirai-chan Curry and taking part in the Janken Competition. As soon as it’s 11.00 p.m. My friend had to leave due to the schedule of the train and so I left together with him.

It was a Fantastic night again. Thanks Danny Choo for organizing this amazing event so that we bloggers have time to meet up and discussing about blogging thingy and our interest. I will be looking forward to the next CGM Night too.

Below will be photos of Figures, Cosplayers, and Daughters(dollfie):


Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari. It’s amazing to see how those staplers, rulers, pens dropping out from her skirt….

Oh! And good boy shouldn’t try to peek from the sides. ^^

Really liked the scar on her belly.


Warning! There is a Trap in this photo! LOL.

She looked really beautiful.

And what is wrong with this funky western person? I guess I can considering this a cosplay too?


Indeed the best couple in the night!

The usual crew members from Danny



Highly potential!


This Miku is just too Lewt!

Ritsu from K-ON!

Gorgeous Mio-chan too!

Not my liking but, Super-rich Mugi-chan!

Azu-nyan: Bring me home!

Me: Sure~

Azu-nyan is soooooooo CUTE!

Thanks for reading till the end(Hey! or you just scroll through!) お疲れ様でした! It had been a long post with over 1000 words and 60+ photos. I hope you all get a clear image about CGM Night after reading this post. Also wish to see more people on CGM Night next time~

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  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    I see… >.<

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    Sure fun that night… + another tohou figure in your rack.

  3. starlight says:

    Remember to take photo of Reimu & upload here!!
    me wanna c her posing with the cute broom!!

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    That Hitagi figurine is seriously ….AWESOME! Such fine details… such fine details!! T^T

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