Tokai University 2010 Festival Performance + Firework

Today is the 4th days of my University’s Festival. I applied for performance at the last day at the front of the No.4 Building of my University. well ya, Harmonica Performance…

P.S. : Just noticed that I didn’t write post for a long time and now having problem writing proper english post…..

The University’s Festival is really FUN! Walking around already got lots of Leng Lui(Beauty) and Leng Zhai(Handsome) see. ^^ My University had 4 location for performance, meant that there are 4 performance going on at the same time… one cannot watch all the performance for my University’s Festival…

well then, I didn’t took any photos this time(didn’t expected to post about my University’s Festival days…) and so I will just put up two videos. One is my Performance at front of No. 4 building and another one is the Final Firework Show by my University. Have fun. ^^

(Sorry the background music is a little bit small and I played lots of mistake. ^^)

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10 Responses to Tokai University 2010 Festival Performance + Firework

  1. lkeith89 says:

    Wow… 10++ minutes of firework! sure nice. Seems like your university is so rich? ha…

  2. srydos says:

    your performance is very good! i want to watch that,but i worked then…

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