Time to watch NEW Animes

I had been watching animes that had been watched about 5/7 years ago for the last few month and think now is the time for new season animes like these:

Clannad After Story’s opening.

And this is an Image from Toaru Majutsu no Index.

For Clannad After story, I had been looking forward to watch this anime because their graphic is superb and the story line is great too (as I can see in the original Clannad). And when they first released it, it didn’t dissapointed me. I like the story about what happened afterward of their lovely relationship. Unlike other animes which mostly put a fullstop at the “They then living happily together forever” ending, Clannad after story is a show about what really happened after the normal ” they then live….forever” ending.

For Toaru Majutsu no Index, I think it’s some new anime which is quite good. It features in a scientific worlds and then a girl come to the lead role character and spit out lots of Magical things. So I gues I can call it Magical Power X Esper Power series.

Actually I had been catching those two series of anime just when they first make their release.  But then I found out that I have too much Old anime lying inside my harddisk untouched and have to get rid of them first before accepting new animes. Then I start up my Anime cleaning process(which results in less blogging).

絶望した!そんなに多いのアニメは全部まだ見てないで絶望した!Quote from Zetsubou Sensei.

Zetsubou shita! All those unwatched animes had make me Zetsubou shita!(SWT guess it aint funny to translated it in english). P.S. : Zetsubou mean despair.

Firstly Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabihito(yeap, the longest anime title ever). The story is not much interest and hard to understand if you didn’t play the original Game which is about 22 GB to download. It features the girl named eve travel through the book’s worlds(which resembles parallel worlds) and messing up the whole original story interact with the character from the books’ worlds. Each 1-2 episode of the anime featured the story of some girl from some world. I heard the game is Yuri games for Yuri girl but didn’t know much of it due to it’s LARGE size of memory cost.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabihito. An Anime full of Yuri Actions.

Then I moved on to Rosario to Vampire capu 2 which is quite new(oh please, new you say? The release ended few month ago! ). The story is the continues of the Tsukune’s story from the original series : Rosario to Vampire. This time it’s just more and more Pantsu shot for you but mostly been censored with some cute Bear Bear. The front parts of the anime didn’t follow much on the main story but only proceed on the main story when the Seal of their school Broke out and have to use Moka’s Rosario to replace the Seal so the Demonic world and Human worlds doesn’t falling apart. Then Tsukune who lost the Kawaii and deredere Moka-san try to go for Moka’s father to get a new Rosario to get Moka back. Well, guess you can guess it’s ending.

Well, The basic story of the Rosario+Vampire Capu2

Then it is Rozen Maiden Overture. Well it’s nothing much, just a 2 episode story re-telling series.. Doesn’t have much to mention…Erm Erm..

And then watched two The Movie of anime named XXX Holic the movie ~manatsu no yoru no yume~ and Clannad the movie, Both are the movie version of the famous anime named xxxHolic and Clannad 1st series. Clannad the movie is really touching. Too bad at the last they killed off Nagisa-chan. And for xxxHolic the movie, this show is really mistery and doesn’t really sommething I can write about. So I will let you guys to watch it yourself.

Images from xxxHolic. As you can see, one of the male character’s name is 四月一日…

And then comes Shuffle ~Memories~. It doesn’t have much to mention too. it is 13 episode long and each episode covered 1 girl character from the original game’s parts. Every character have 2 part for their story so they make out 12 episode. While another episode which is Episode 1 is a short introduction to these 6 girl character and their past.

Yagyuu Jubei!! LOL. It had been a long time since I last watch an animes about Samurai(which is Ruryounin Kenshin) Jubei features a young girl named Nanohana Jiyuu which transformed into Yagyuu Jubei, which is to be called the strongest samurai ever existed to clear up the 300 years grudge of him. This anime is released at 1999(yes, I’m watching an anime which is 10 years old. But think it’s ok since Card Captor Sakura also around that ages.). Although it’s really and old anime, but most of the good element which can be found on animes recently can also be found from it. It’s just that their way of putting out those element are still not good enough.

Jubei-chan 1st series. Graphic considered not bad as an Anime 10 years ago.

Yes, as the same day I finished up Jubei-chan, I watched another the movie which named : Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. For me, I think this work is an epic and everyone should watch this at least once in their lifetimes. Just for those who don’t know about it, Final Fantasy VII AC is the first really good Full Computer Graphiced animes. It mean that the Graphic of the anime is Superb like what you can see when you playing the games Final Fantasy X or etc.

An Example of how fantastic the Graphic are.

And lastly, Today(4 March) I had finished the second series of Jubei-chan ~Counter Attack of Siberia Yagyuu~. It’s another clan’s revenge on the grudge which also lasted for 300 years(what! Again??). This second season, released at 2004 which is 5 years after the first series is far more better than the 1st season and they really know when to cut off the anime and time to stop for the next episode. By the way, Liked Yui Horie‘s voice. ^.^

Images from 2nd series of Jubei-chan

Now, why did I write out this post? I think mostly it is for short review about all those anime mentioned above(getting lazy to get a separate post for every anime watched huh?). But still think it’s good things to write out what I’m really am doing recently. Except watching all the mentioned animes above, I also finished up the game named Gadget Trial and will start on playing my Da Capo II back soon(gonna improve my Japanese).

Well, maybe I will write a post about Learning Japanese through games next time. Until then, please wait patiently.

P.S. : Guess what? It is a 1130 words’ post! Think it’s the longest post ever. Should give myself something for compliment.


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