Tanabata Festival

Today when I go to my classroom, I suddenly saw this tree appear on my school’s Lobby. ^^


The Tree…Don’t know what it called.

The tree is for you to to write out your wish and hang on it. As you can see at Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu season 2 which Haruhi hang her’s wish at the tree.


What the F**k is this??

At first I thought this is the worst…but then when I saw this: !


….Playing with Aliens?


….. I guess my school sure have some SOS freaks….

By the way, here is my wishes:

my wishes.

My wish…

  1. I hope I can meet up with Danny Choo.
  2. I hope I can get better with my Japanese.
  3. I hope I can get into good University.
  4. I hope I can know more friends.

Since it seemed to be quite interesting so I hang one myself too ^^. Also draw a pictures of harmonica on the back of the wish paper.



the history

They also pasted the newspaper about the article of the history of  Tanabata.

Hmm….wonder if my wish have to take 77 years to reach the gods of tanabata and then it will comes true?

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8 Responses to Tanabata Festival

  1. Hae says:

    Your Japanese handwriting is nice. I’d like to write like that. Mine’s always messy, but my teacher said it’s fine art. Haha.

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Actually mine is still ugly. (^.^)”

  3. Hae says:

    Is that so? Seems pretty neat to me. So how’s life in Japan? Your blog posts shows that you seem to have fun. xD

  4. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL. As you can see I’m Happy here lah. But there are also sometimes that are hard….

    By the way, you seemed to be know me. who are you?

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