Project Diva Arcade

Last sunday I went to Akihabara to try out the new Project Diva Arcade ~Hatsune Miku~.

This is the arcade machine.

It was still not officially out yet, but they have some campaign called “Test Location”… Don’t really know what location they wanna test but it’s fine as long as we get to play it ^^

Got the famous song, Melt from ryo too.^^

Project Diva start off with PSP game, after 2 years of time, Konami comes up with something new, which is the Project Diva Arcade. Since It have the word Arcade think you know what it meant. It’s an Arcade Machine, Not playing it in PSP anymore.

The card~~

Bought this memory card for 300 Yen(RM 10?!) to keep recording of your points, unlocking custome etcs….

Back side.

It’s photos phohibited so I cannot take any photos/video of it. Instead, I’ll be showing you all the videos from Youtube. I’m not sure who recorded them but who cares. ^^

Original promotion video.

Some random gameplay video. (Great Quality)

As some of you might have noticed, the PSP version is kinda easy. It’s all one note system. But in this Arcade Machine, It sometimes have more than 2 notes at the screen which require you to press the two button at the same time. Besides that, There is also the “Hold” note which you can gain bonus if you keep holding on the note while tapping other note with your other hand/fingers.

^^ Gonna go try it out this sunday again with friend.

Lotte’s New Advertisement got Haruhi!

Guess what? We have Suzumiya Haruhi’s Advertisement again. This time it’s a Chewing Gum’s advertisement from Lotte.

It’s about a guy who chewing the gum. And then he go to some boutique shop. Then the worker there told him that they are out of stock. The guy is feeling so sad that he sighed. Then the worker who smell his breath suddenly turned into Mikuru-chan!

Then the boss who saw that rushed over and say “Do you think it’s okay to turn people into Anime?!” The guy apology about it, but then the boss turned into Suzumiya Haruhi and say ” You are not bad!” with her bright smile.^^

The guy got scared then rushed out from the shop and found himself a corner. When he sighed again, this time the cats rested on the floor all turned into Nagato! Nya~~

Well, Guess you should just watch it for yourself. ^^

DJMAX The IdolMaster Edition

Today I found out about this Video at Nico Nico Douga’s site and think it’s really deserved a post. I’m a DJMAX fans personally since 2006. Had been playing at DJMAX Japan Server for 1 years and then stopped for a while since the server is closed down.

Then I continued to play DJMAX after I own my PSP since last year. Nothing much to say, but it’s definitely a great fan-made Video. Hope The maker of DJMAX, Pentavision saw this video too.

since I can’t post the Nico Video at this page, I searched the Youtube version of it and put it up here.

Motorbikes in Japan

Most of you must know that Japan got lots of manufacture producing Motorbikes. The famous motorbikes manufacture included Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki…etc

When I still in Malaysia, I used to drive the Honda EX5 which is quite big. Now then I had reached Japan, I found out an interesting Fact. I didn’t found any EX5 motorbikes here but instead, We see Lots of Mini-scooter all around the town.

Mini-scooter where you see all around the town~

This kind of Mini-scooter is really famous in Malaysia for females as it’s Mini, Light weighed and you can drive it even you are wearing skirt~

By the way, it’s still another kind of Motorbikes exist in Japan, which is the Hardcore Terminator/Kamen Rider type of HUGE Motorbikes~

The Suzuki HUGE Bike~

In Japan, it’s either Super-Mini sized Bike or Over-Sized Bike… Which do you prefer? ^^ I still prefer the medium sized bike like my EX5. Not really so hardcore into Bikes ^^”

Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara Tour

I had took part in trying out the Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara last sunday. Found out that Joseph Tame is asking people to help trying out their new product and giving some feedback through Facebook. I think it will be a good chance for me to get more about Akihabara. So I contacted him and took part in it.

This is the package you will got if you order it. A very cute Maid to at the cover.

Joseph Tame is from White Rabbit Press, publishers of the world’s No.1 selling kanji flash cards, the A0 kanji poster and Tokyo RealTime audio tours. He is also responsible for marketing, and assisting in the research for and production of new products to add to our catalogue.

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iPhone Domino’s Application

Yes, The Domino Pizza is on your iPhone now. ^^

According to the website from the, you can now download application for your iPhone through App Store now. Then you can order your Domino pizza even at the street. With iPhone’s GPS support, they can send it to your current location.

Nothing much to say, just watch the instruction Video ^^ :

Not really going to try it since Pizza is expensive in Japan. Might consider ordering it if getting too hungry and almost faint on the street… ^^”

【まころん】Makoron Dance 2 – Ren Ai Circulation from Bakemonogatari

Hi. It had been long since Makoron last updated her dance video at Nico Nico Video. Yesterday, 14th February 2010, Makoron had uploaded a new video on Nico Nico Video site with the dance of Ren Ai Circulation.

It’s a song from the famous anime Bakemonogatari now in Japan. The dance this time is more cute and think the style of dancing had changed than Makoron’s usual style. もっと激しいダンスの方が向いてるですよね~

Well then, without much talking, Let’s Enjoy Makoron’s dance: Ren Ai Circulation

Emobile’s Pocket Wifi

Hereby I’m proudly announce that I’m now an Official User of Emobile’s Pocket Wifi.

It happened that today I went to Akihabara to researching PC Hardware with two of my friends who want to custom make up a Dekstop Computer. After we done our researching, I went to Sofmap to asking for Internet Service Provide. Just to let you know that I will move to Kanagawa and not in Tokyo anymore this coming 6th March. So I think it’s about time to apply for an Internet Service for my new place.

This is what the packages included. A SIM Card, Battery and the Device itself. With tons of statements and Instruction books.

I had been wanted the Pocket Wifi since half year before but can’t really make up my mind since I still can use Free Internet from my dorm at Asia Bunka Kaikan. And then today, I finally signed their contract for the 2 Year M Plan with monthly usage of 4980 Yen for the speed of 7.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps Upload. While you need to pay 5980 for the first time for the device.

Starting it up for the first time. ^^

I signed it up mostly because I’m owning an Iphone. For Iphone Users out there, I’m sure that you have to pay around 6000 Yen monthly for your Packets fees. But with Pocket WIFI, you can use WIFI for your Iphone, Nintendo DS, PSP, Laptop, etc…. It can connect up to 5 devices at the same time!

So, the deal is that you don’t use your Iphone’s 3G network at all and using Pocket Wifi for networking. So you can save up to 4200 Yen monthly from your Iphone and pay up 4980 Yen for Pocket Wifi. So you are actually getting Pocket Wifi with only 780 a month!

Lovely. Liked it ^^

Really happy about it now and trying it out for Iphones and PSP now. If you are a person which keep travel outside and need internet connection everywhere you go, Emobile’s Pocket Wifi is definitely your choice. ^^

Results of Speed test and Ping test from

What ISP (Internet Service Provider) you using now? Still remember having Streamyx back in Malaysia which provided 512Kbps for RM 66(around 2000 yen monthly). ^^

Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7

Yesterday went to The famous Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7 Organised by Danny Choo. Got invitation from Lester Ho, my friend who is also from Malaysia. This is my 3rd times attending the CGM Night and I must said it’s a good oppurtunity to get to know new friends and learning the worlds.

You got to see Dollfies.

Cosplayers…. and…

… the Famous Danny Choo~

This post is filled with tons of photos so be prepared if you are interested in it. Close all your porn sites, Youtubes, Nico Nico Videos first before you proceed.

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節分の日-豆まき (Setsubun’s Day, Throwing Beans)

Today I went to one of the nearest Shrine, Fuji Jinjya(富士神社) from my school for the setsubun festival(節分の日).

This is the building where all the kids are gathered.

In japan, usually 4th February is the day where it meant that the start of the new season, Spring. At that day, there are having the 豆まき(Mamemaki – Throwing Beans) ceremony which hopes that they can get good fortune for the year. They usually shout 「福は内、鬼は外」(Good fortune come in, Ghost go out!) and they start throwing the Beans at the people who act as the Ghost.

The one in green shirt is the Head Priest and he will leading all the other priests to throwing the snacks at the kids.

The Word “Bean” in Japanese is called {Mame} which have the meaning of the 魔滅 (Mametsu) – meaning destroying the Evil. So they believed that the bean can keep out bad fortune and asking good fortune in.

This is when they started to throwing the snacks.

I went there twice that day. The first time I went there alone at 3.00 p.m. At first I wonder why all the kids are holding up a plastic beg. Soon I know what happened. It’s used to catch the snacks which had been thrown by the priest from 2nd floor of the Shrine building. I didn’t bring anything with me and so I ended up empty hand…. LOL

Friends. From left: Yi Chin, Ming Li, Niji, XXX(forgot her name ^^)

The second time I went there at 4.00 p.m. This time I went there with few of my friends from my Japanese Language school. They also want to went there and take a look. Suddenly I encountered them at lobby and so we decided to go together.

She is the Ghost(Oni)!

One of my friend give me the idea that using the cap of my coat to act as the plastic beg to get the snacks. And what surprised me, It WORK!! I am able to get lots of snack at the second time. ^^

The Snacks we got from the Mamemaki Ceremony. Most of it is what I got. ^^

Friends with snacks get!!

And here you are, My photo once in a while. ^^

Really having fun that day with friends and once again I felt the greatness of the cultures of Japanese. One of my online friend said that it’s like children day for Japanese kids. I just smiled. ^^ what do you think?