Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara Tour

I had took part in trying out the Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara last sunday. Found out that Joseph Tame is asking people to help trying out their new product and giving some feedback through Facebook. I think it will be a good chance for me to get more about Akihabara. So I contacted him and took part in it.

This is the package you will got if you order it. A very cute Maid to at the cover.

Joseph Tame is from White Rabbit Press, publishers of the world’s No.1 selling kanji flash cards, the A0 kanji poster and Tokyo RealTime audio tours. He is also responsible for marketing, and assisting in the research for and production of new products to add to our catalogue.

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【まころん】Makoron Dance 2 – Ren Ai Circulation from Bakemonogatari

Hi. It had been long since Makoron last updated her dance video at Nico Nico Video. Yesterday, 14th February 2010, Makoron had uploaded a new video on Nico Nico Video site with the dance of Ren Ai Circulation.

It’s a song from the famous anime Bakemonogatari now in Japan. The dance this time is more cute and think the style of dancing had changed than Makoron’s usual style. もっと激しいダンスの方が向いてるですよね~

Well then, without much talking, Let’s Enjoy Makoron’s dance: Ren Ai Circulation

Ita-PSP (痛-PSP)

Ita-PSP, It’s a term to refer decorated PSP. The word Ita(痛) is original from Itai(痛い), which mean pain in Japanese. It’s original referring about Ita-sha(痛車), which mean someone painted their Car with Anime’ Characters.

Example of an Ita-sha

Last week when I’m going to Akihabara with Lester Ho, I saw some Anime Magazine and spotted that one of the magazine have the decorating stickers for PSP. I own a PSP myself and really liked the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Decorating stickers. ^^

Bought the Magazines, Nyan-Type just for the stickers. for the contents and the stickers.

I leaved it there for few days. And so luckily I have no work today, so I decided to clean up my room and opened up the stickers and decorated it at my PSP.

This is the Stickers. It had 3 sets of stickers for you to choose from.

Stickers compared to PSP size.

Personally prefered the second sticker since it have Nanoha and Fate in it.

Done~ What disappointed me is that it doesn’t really suit well in Black PSP.

Images from right.

Well, guess can’t say much since it’s a free products. But back on my PSP. I really wanted a White-coloured PSP but since I can’t get it in Firmware 5.05 so have no choice but to go for black (Some know why I need 5.05 ^^)

So how was your PSP of your friends? Are your friends also decorating their PSP with stickers? Or they painted it? ^^

First Cinema Session in Japan

I had been on Japan for 5 months and haven’t even go for a Movie session at Cinema here yet…

Well, It doesn’t really matter since I don’t really have anything to watch at the Cinema. But it’s different this time because I have grown a Big urge to watch the Twentieth Century Boy. Below is my day when I go watch the movie at Ikebukuro.


The movie is On Show since 29 August but I didn’t really know about it.

I waked up at around 11.00 a.m. since I’m watching the 1st and 2nd Movie yesterday night until midnight 4.00 a.m…. Start to eat lunch and take a bath, then started to depart at 11.45 a.m.

Reached Ikebukuro at around 12.30 a.m. and decided to buy the ticket first.

Ticket buying

This is the Ticket counter where you buy ticket. It’s really different from what we have back in Malaysia like GSC…


And this is the ticket…. Just look like some lame paper with words printed on it… Compared to what we have back in Malaysia…

The seat inside the Cinema is not really comfortable and it make my neck pain… My friend had always complaint that the Japan’s Cinema is suck… But I think the screen and the Sound System is really better than in Malaysia’s.

The movies session is long, about 2 hours and15 minutes and my body is really pain sitting still for that long time. Thank god that the movies ended safely without some terrorist bombing the cinema or etc…


Japan is really good at selling goodies related to some fictional stories… Saw this soon after getting out from the cinema and the price is not cheap…

After the movie ended and I got out from the cinema, I saw some flyers and found out somethings really interesting… Kaiji is on the Movie!!

Kaiji Flyer

Kaiji is on Movies! Seemed like it’ll be really interesting.

I also took a Sample comic about Kaiji which introduced those who didn’t watch the anime or original comic about the story. Well, the story is actually:

Kaiji which had no job and had huge debt is facing his pinch soon and then some strange men appeared and asked him to join some games which might let him get all the money to pay his debt and he can even be a rich man if he win. The story started off with the games…

Kaiji Test comic

The sample comic of Kaiji.

Still not decided will go to watch it or not since watching movie in Japan is extremely expensive… 1500 yen for student (Rm 60). WTF.

How do movie cost in your country? And what do you think about the quality of the movie and sound system?

20世紀少年 (Twentieth Century Boy)

poster 3

The Poster of Twentieth Century Boy Final Chapter.

Today I had went to Ikebukuro’s Humax Cinema to watch the above movie. Actually I just start to know about this movie few months ago. And then I started to watch the 1st movie on yesterday morning. As soon as I finished 1st Movie, I found that the story is really interesting and Amazing! I then hurried up the 2nd movie at the night.

Poster 1

The 1st Movie’s Poster.

Soon I had done with the 2nd movie, I got amazed even so. The storyline is really amazing to have something so fantasy. I soon realized my urge to watch the ending, 3rd Movie of the series. So I searched up the net for the info of the 3rd Movie. As soon I checked on the detail, I decided to go and watch it the next day, which is today. ^^

Poster 2

2nd Movie’s Poster.

In 1969, young boys Kenji, Otcho, Yoshitsune and Maruo build, in an empty field, a hideout they name their secret base, in which they and their friends can get together to share manga, stolen porn magazines and listen to a radio. To celebrate the event, Otcho draws a symbol for the base, that would represent their friendship. After their friends Yukiji and Donkey join the gang, they imagine a future scenario where villains would try to destroy the world, and in which the boys would stand up and fight; this scenario is transcribed and labeled “Book of Prophecy”.

The series itself opens in the late 1990s, where Kenji is a convenience store owner, finding solace in his childhood adventures as he takes care of his baby niece Kanna and his mother. After Donkey is reported to have committed suicide, Kenji stumbles upon a large cult led by a man known only as “Friend”. The cult has a plan to destroy the world on New Year’s Eve of 2000, (referred to in the latter half of the story as the Bloody New Year’s Eve,) and the events that are currently unfolding are suspiciously close to the plan documented in the “Book of Prophecy”. Kenji begins to recruit some of his older friends, including Otcho and Yoshitsune, in an attempt to stop “Friend”.

Hacked from Wikipedia. Continue the full synopsis here.

The preview of the 3rd Movie. You can see even UFO and Huge Robots~~:

What do you think about this movie? Have you watched it yet?

Jubeat Ripples

Had been playing the arcade machine called Jubeat Since I’m coming over to Japan. I’t somewhat like music game but different from O2jam and Djmax or Audition, It use the Touch Panel of 4 X 4 to play the game. When the note appeared on the screen of the touch panel, you just touch the panel and you get score.

And then 3 days ago, when I’m heading over for some games again at Akihabara, I found this:


Jubeat has been Renewed!! More new songs to play now.


And THANKS to the renewal, now it cost you 200 Yen to play each round…. (CRY). Damn Japan. Didn’t even think twice when it comes to earning our money….

Played few round and found out lots of improvements. The battle screen is more beautifull now, and you can earn more Notes and Display name now. Beside, I noticed a new song which is Chinese’s New Years Song! It’s in Cantonese language and full of Lyrics like “恭喜你” LOL.

Below is some play video of the previous Jubeat Version:

POKEMON Stamp-rally 2009 in Japan.

Kids with Pikachu

Been seeing lots of kids wearing Pikachu’s Sun Blazer walking around at JR Station. Getting really interested in what they are doing. And found out that it’s actually Japan Nintendo’s new way of making money out of poor Anime lovers.


The Stamp-rally 2009’s Poster.

It’s a event called Pokemon Stamp-rally 2009. Which you collect Stamp from various JR station and then exchange for limited prizes. To let you know, if you wish to collect all those stamp from every Station, you will need to stop at every 96 Station in Japan. Wow.

First, you will have to get a free phamplet from any station and then start collecting 6 different stamps.

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Foods Vending Machine In Japan

Yeah, And you are not having a blur eyes. I had discovered this Vending machine during my Trip to Rinkan Gakkou last few weeks ago and found it’s really amusing. ^^

Food Vending1

This is the vending machine… LOL.

With this Foods Vending Machine, you can always having hot food and can save on the time to cook something and moreover, you can always have it 24/7 !

Food Vending2

Here is another close up for you to see what you can have using this machine.

So, with this machine, you can also vending the Takoyaki (Squid Balls which eat during Japanese Festival), Fried Potatoes, Taiyaki (Which always eat by a girl keep saying “Ugghuuu…”), Chicken and Potatoes, Cyasyuu Onigiri, and Yaki Onigiri…

It’s really amazed and ironic when I see that to how much extend that the Japanese wish for human life to be more easier (the japanese having one word for this is called 便利. Guess you can read it using chinese too.)

Where had I been?

Sorry for the lacking of post for the past two week. I went to Rinkan Gakkou organized by ABK Japanese Language school. Then, Exams are follow on until now(actually the exams continue until next week…). So I had been extremely busy to keep up with all those activities and in the meanwhile have to study for exams. The result is that the lacking of new post in this site for the past two weeks….

So now while I’m having some little time, I will be continue posting bit by bit. Just let you know somethings about what I’m going to post on this point on:

  1. The Trip to Fuji Mountain during Rinkan Gakkou
  2. My First Figma
  3. My Second Figma
  4. My Third Figma nah….
  5. My Performance During Rinkan Gakkou

Well, Guess that’s it. At the end of this short post, let me show you some of the photos during Rinkan Gakkou.

Mt. Fuji

View of Mount Fuji on our trip back to Tokyo.