Net Idol Dancer Makoron 【まころん】

Hi. Today I would like to introduce you all about a Net Idol Dancer which been called Makoron 【まころん】. She is an active dancer and have often update of Video of her dancing in NicoNico Douga Site.

Makoron keep wearing a Mask when filming her dance video since she always got sick when it’s time to dance…(ウソ!)

I had been watching her dance since last year’s December when I randomly searching through NicoNico Douga site for interesting video. At first I was thinking like this about Makoron :

Hmm.. This girl is quite cute… Oh! And I can see a flash of her Pantsu (Underwear) when she jumped on her dance!!!

Sometime she is fine and so she removed her mask ^^”

^^” Mostly men are Ecchi and so do I too. And so on I keep on checking on her new dance and found out that she is really nice and have great passion for her dance. So I continued to watch her dance every time she had an update.

And now here is how I think about Makoron:

Really is a beautiful girl with cute movement on her dance. Great passion for dance and Great model for girls which interested in dancing.

This is how she look up close. Definitely a Typical Ideal Girlfriend.

So from now on you will see her dance video uploaded here from time to time whenever she had a new dance. I will keep uploading her dance through this blog until I got a request from her to remove those video from this site.

Well then, here you go ^^:

P.S. : If you are confident about your Japanese, You can also read her Blog here.