2014 New Year Resolution!!

Yeah! It’s this time of year to decide on new year resolution!!!(as if you kept one last year…) Well, sorry that this site has been out of maintenance for the previous 2 years… I will be sure to keep this site up to date from now on.

New year resolution 2014

Trying to be Cool but turned out to be quite dull… haha

Okay, to keep it simple and clean, let’s move on the List!

  1. Switch to a decent Condensed Microphone for better recording of my Harmonica Videos.
  2. Regular Update on Harmonica Video on Youtube.(1 or 2 videos per month)
  3. Read at least a book every month.
  4. Update Site’s theme every 3 months.(To practice my PHP skills)
  5. Get Apple’s Time Capsule.
  6. Create a self DTM-ed songs every 2 months.
  7. Going back Malaysia once.
  8. Practice 1 piece of Harmonica Solo songs every 3 months.

And the lists might grow on when I can think on more.

Wish you all have a great 2014 year!!

A Postcard to High School Principle Chung Ling Butterworth

At today’s Beginner Seminar class, every one of us had been asked to write a postcard to send back to teacher/principle of our own High School. The teacher asked us to choose teacher which had taken good care of you. I personally can’t think of one(sorry…) and so chosen my principle.

Hope I didn’t get the address wrong(or rather I did hope it wrong and never reached him ^^ LOL)

Thinking back of my high school life, it was really fun everyday although there aren’t any Sailor Uniform with short skirts to looked at everyday. Maybe because of I’m older than my current University’s friends, I often think their way of thinking and action are kinda childish sometimes. They doesn’t even speak proper Japanese sometimes which annoyed me the most… I did rather talk with some working men/woman since they will speak more politely and using nice Japanese language.

The contents…. Sorry if there is any mistakes in my English.

These photos are from the new iPhone 4. Guess this is the first time I’m using photos from the iPhone 4 seeing it had already been 2 weeks since I got it in my hand. Just noticed that the iPhone 4 can really take photos in 2592 x 1936 resolution. And the quality is also superb and really detailed.

Example photos from iPhone 4’s 5.0 MegaPixel Camera. Click on it to look at the actual sizes of the photos.

Fibre Optic Connection in Japan

Today the NTT people just came and help me set up the Fibre Optic Connection. My provider is from @TCOM and here is just a post to show you my router and my current internet speed.

This is my Router from NTT.

And here are my result from Speedtest.net.

Really happy with it now. ^^ Time for some download. ^^

Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara Tour

I had took part in trying out the Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara last sunday. Found out that Joseph Tame is asking people to help trying out their new product and giving some feedback through Facebook. I think it will be a good chance for me to get more about Akihabara. So I contacted him and took part in it.

This is the package you will got if you order it. A very cute Maid to at the cover.

Joseph Tame is from White Rabbit Press, publishers of the world’s No.1 selling kanji flash cards, the A0 kanji poster and Tokyo RealTime audio tours. He is also responsible for marketing, and assisting in the research for and production of new products to add to our catalogue.

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Furniture from IKEA

This post is to introduce you all the furniture I bought from IKEA. I bought:

  1. Working Table
  2. Small Desk
  3. Book Shelf
  4. Chair
  5. Mirror
  6. Glass writting Board
  7. Place to put clothes in

Totally spent 25K for furniture and 5K for delivery. IKEA sent my stuff to me two days after the date of purchase.

You can view the post about my moving to Kanagawa. You can watch the video there too showing you that I had nothing in my Room…. Also post about My Trip to IKEA Yokohama.

So the below photos is to show the before and after of the furniture fixing processes.

All the furniture in Boxes~

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My trip to IKEA Yokohama

Yesterday I had went for furniture hunting trip to IKEA located at Yokohama, Kanagawa(神奈川県横浜). It was my first time to IKEA although IKEA had it’s outlet back in Malaysia too.

Breakfast is some healthy Mc Donald’s Filet-O-Prawn. ^^

As you can see from my previous post about my move to Kanagawa area, My room have nothing except toilet and the washing basin. Really need a Desk for computer and writting. And a nice and comfortable chair…

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iPhone Domino’s Application

Yes, The Domino Pizza is on your iPhone now. ^^

According to the website from the Domino.jp, you can now download application for your iPhone through App Store now. Then you can order your Domino pizza even at the street. With iPhone’s GPS support, they can send it to your current location.

Nothing much to say, just watch the instruction Video ^^ :

Not really going to try it since Pizza is expensive in Japan. Might consider ordering it if getting too hungry and almost faint on the street… ^^”

Moved to Kanagawa

It had been a long time since I write a post now. Just to let you all know that I had moved to my new Apartment beside my University, Tokai University which I will be start attending since this April.

The look of my room where I just moved in.

So this post will be a post about my new apartment. I found this Apartment throught Rikuou center (陸王不動産). My Apartment was about 19.8 m^2 and it got it’s own Toilet and Kitchen. And guess what, It’s rental fees is just 27K Yen monthly including the use of water.

The door and the kitchen at the left hand side.

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