Why you should not working OT

Hi, it is Yoharmonica the harmonica guy currently just a regular worker at a Japanese company. Those who had know me for sometimes must had known that how active I am to produce new harmonica videos and posting anime related posts till one years ago.


Picture taken during Kanda Matsuri at Akihabara street.


I started to work at my current company since last year’s July. I tried to work smart and go home earlier at first, but then slowly got affected by the so called ‘Japanese work style’. Everyone is staying at the office till late night(wether they really working or not..). So I followed.

But it all ended with a very unsatisfying social life and was a big cliff down on my self improving life. I use to be very ambitious on learning new stuff.

So, below is some point I think why you should not working OT:

  1. Your days ENDED the time you get out of your office.
    Human sleep for 8 hours and work 8 hours. Now you have only 8 hours left. Deduce the time  you use to travel to work, time to do your poop poop and shower, time used to eat lunch and dinner(and supper maybe?), you normally got 3-5 hours left. If you working OT for another 1-3 hours, you got…. 1-2 hours left for your personal use… that time is gone if you are like me who MUST watch few episode of anime everyday….
  2. You get STRESS…. LOTS of STRESSSS!
    I’m not sure how the japanese thinking, but for me( and I think for most of us who didn’t think like japanese), we feel inferior because we could not finish our work on given time(that is, 8 hours a day). With the accumulated inferior feeling, we start to worry and feeling stress…
  3. You have no time for self improving.
    Which is what I noticed in the past half year. You yearns for new knowledge! YET, by the time  you got home, it is usually already passed 9pm.. considering you have to eat your dinner and take a bath before sleep.. you got 1 – 2 hours left for your personal use before you need to head to sleep. And don’t forget, those 1 – 2 hours usually ended by Facebook timeline swiping.
  4. You get sick more often.
    You got home late meant you have your dinner late. Normal salaryman usually have their lunch at noon. so if you stayed at office till 8 pm, that meant you will have to stay up with the energy from your lunch for 8 hours!(Which is kinda harsh for me who get hungry every 4 hours….) Not to mention that sometimes you feel like doing something you like(like watching anime, playing games and glancing at cosplayer photos online…) and ended up sacrificing your sleeping time bits by bits…..
  5. You have no chance to hang out with friends.
    Great friends are hard to get. By working OT in office meant that you will missed out most dinner offer from your friends. “Sorry, OT today so cannot join you for dinner. Next time” is often heard from people who working in Japan. Decline for a few times, and your friends start stop asking you to dinner.. Why? Because they know you mostly working OT and doesn’t bother to ask you out anymore….

There are lots of other disadvantage of working OT which I wish to post up here. But I tried to limit myself on how much time I should spent writing a post.(Since I’m not writing this post to earn money through advertising, but rather to get myself to keep on writing.)

Till next time, maybe I should start talking about some good behaviour that you should adept to improve your living experience.Li






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University 1st year spring semester ended

My University (Tokai University) had ended the spring semester. I’m now on Holiday mood and had been to Firework Festival, All cleared Star Craft II, and had met up old friends at Tokyo already.

After 4 months of study in my University, I’m can’t say that I’m totally get used to it yet but I already had the ideas of how my University do things. Result this semester is not really as I wished it to be. Gonna work hard at the next semester.

I didn’t planned well in financial for the past half-year… Been using money at place where I shouldn’t and got myself into trouble few times. Hadn’t been living well with fixed time to sleep and fixed time to wake up.

I can conclude my 1st semester in my University is kinda bad and was deeply regret it. From now on I will be better me and try to archive what I really want to.


Target until year end 2010

Half year had passed by for 2010 and I had lived a good life learning things I like and watching tons of anime. But the time to change had come.

I had always read about “comfort zone” at Danny Choo’s site and I realized that I had been in my own “comfort zone” for some time already. I had got myself a scholarship which can support my daily expenses in Japan, entered University Tokai and studying IT which is my favourite study. I had bought an Electric Keyboard, a new Suzuki Sirius 14 holes and Audio Interface for music recording. You see, I had been getting my wanted list fulfilled for the past half-year.

Starting from today, I will try to get myself out of my “comfort zone” and start-up a new life myself. And so on I would like to list out my Target of the year(half-year?) my To do list and my To Get list:

Target of the Year: To live a better life with extra scholarship and have no worry for money.

To do list:

  1. Get into Top 10 in my department in my University
  2. Get the Special school fees discount from my University.
  3. Find a part-time job and earn up a saving.
  4. Uploading more pieces of music to YouTube and Nico Video site.
  5. Learning from Harmonica World Champion, Mr. Yasuo Watani once per month.

To get lists:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. Mac Book pro 15 inch with i5 processor

iPhone 4 anyone?

This post might be a bit boring for my readers but I hopes you all can get some inspiration from it. Do you think you are living in your “comfort zone” now? What do you wanna archive in the future?

My Class Performance During Rinkan Gakkou

(Sorry been keep this post on hold and think as well as posting it up now. It happened during last year’s July.)

Ya and as you know from my post about my Trip to Mt. Fuji during Rinkan Gakkou organized by ABK Japanese Language School, Every class are having their own performance under 5 minutes.

It’s a pleasure to announce that my class’ performance got the 1st Place in the Dashimono (or so called “performance”). Although everyone is happy about being the 1st, We all complaint about the prize… Just some Cheap Cakes for everyone’s share….

では、早速!(Well then, Let Hurry!) My Class D1’s Performance:

中野七頭舞 Nakano Nanatsumai

Have been to 立川 (Tachikawa) to see the performance called 中野七頭舞 (Nakano Nanatsumai) today. I have been invited by my home stay’s family to go and see their daughter’s first debut on the dance.

Their daughter is studying in 東京賢治の学校 (Tokyo Kenji No Gakkou) which is using the Freie Waldorfschule system in their teaching. And their school is having this kind of road show of dance at Tachikawa every years. They held this event at the 夏祭り (Natsumatsuri) in Tachikawa. The student will start getting involve in performing in this dance once they have entering their 4th years of study at the school.

The story of the dance is that once the god from heaven have gave 7 legendary Items to we human. And with those 7 Items, Human protect themselves from wilds animals, getting crops harvested, and to cure people’s tiredness from harvesting crops and preparing the new mood for another crop plantation. And at the ends of the dance, it show that the process which we returning those item to the god thankfully.

I was able to reach the venue by time which is about 2.00 p.m. and can watch the whole dance process. I personally categorized it as somewhat like Opera show from China. I liked their cloth and their weapons. Didn’t really watched the Real/Original Nakano Nanatsumai before but think it is not so bad. It really have the feeling of the old cultural of Japan.

Below is the video of part of the dance that I recorded using my crappy Iphone:

I personally think that Japan is great at maintaining their own cultures in the meanwhile, improving their technologies on electronic products. Unlike Malaysia or chinese (Which I am one myself). We often thrown away our own cultures in order to maintain the new life occurred in our surroundings.

Trip to Rinkan Gakkou(Included Mt. Fuji) Part 1

It had been a month ago during my trip to Mt. Fuji, But I insisted on posting this post up here even though it is late.

The Trip included visit to Mt. Fuji’s 5th floor? (Not sure how should I called it 五合目), Visit Oshino hakkai (忍野八海), Visit Shiroito Waterfall…. And here you are(intensive Photos viewing and caption reading section below.):

Half way

Half way on our trip to Mt Fuji. This is somewhere at the rest station.


This is what we have as our Lunch at Mt. Fuji. Not really tasty from my opinion.

View from Window

The view from the windows from our lunch eating place.

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