Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7

Yesterday went to The famous Tokyo CGM Night Episode 7 Organised by Danny Choo. Got invitation from Lester Ho, my friend who is also from Malaysia. This is my 3rd times attending the CGM Night and I must said it’s a good oppurtunity to get to know new friends and learning the worlds.

You got to see Dollfies.

Cosplayers…. and…

… the Famous Danny Choo~

This post is filled with tons of photos so be prepared if you are interested in it. Close all your porn sites, Youtubes, Nico Nico Videos first before you proceed.

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My second Tokyo CGM night

Today I went to my second Tokyo CGM night located at shibuya’s Cospa head office.

Spotted two girls from Da Capo Series once we entered the room.

Actually I didn’t know about this event until yesterday night. When I SMS Lester about University’s document and then he suddenly told me about it.

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Tokyo Figure Show and My First Tokyo CGM Night

Tokyo Figure Show

The Official Poster of Tokyo Figure Show

Today I had been asked to go together with Lester Ho to the Tokyo CGM Night organized by the Famous Danny Choo. It was my First CGM Night and I’m really getting excited about it.

Danny Choo

Danny Choo on his Storm Trooper Armor.

At 7.00 p.m. The above’s Storm Trooper suddenly appeared on front of the H&M Building at Harajuku. Every Japanese who walked pass there had been shock and delighted by him. Everyone are taking out their Handphone and start taking Photos. Of course so do I ^^

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A day in Akihabara 2

Yesterday I went to Akihabara again to meet up with a net Blogger that I had been reading on for a while now. His Name is Lester Ho.

I had meet up with him at around 12.30 p.m. and then we start to search for a place to eat. Had lunch at Yoshinoya. We both ordered Unagi Don Teishoku (Teishoku which mean Set Lunch in Japanese. Usually containing a Rice, a soup and some side dishes.) Didn’t think about blogging at the time since I’m being quite happy to see Him and then forgot to take photos of the foods.

Then Lester Ho showed me around Akihabara. Take a tour to Aso Bit City and window shopping for quite some times. For my older post of “A day in Akihabara”, you can found it here.

macross frontier1

Some Mecha from Macross Frontier. Think you should remember it ^^ (* Especially Tony?)

macross 2

Another shot. This model is which Luca rode on.

Since I didn’t think of blogging on this day’s trip, I almost haven’t take any pictures at all. LOL… No much things to show you all this time. But still, a Strike Freedom Gundam for you:

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