Changing of Blog Title

Hi. This Blog used to be “Leisure of Kesenaitsumi”. But I realize that it doesn’t make any sense and I had decided to give up the name “Kesenaitsumi” and use “YO!Harmonica” instead. So after this post, I will go and change my Blog Title to “YO!Harmonica”. But I can’ t do anything about the URL so it will still be “”. ^^”

I got planned to move to other private hosted source but really didn’t have much time to maintain the blog myself. Studying over at Japan without money from Home meant you have to work part-time to survive. And at the same time, you have to maintain your good grades in University too… furthermore, I’m actively taking part in Harmonica activities and making my own Harmonica videos too… that make me… ugg… extremely tired everyday…

Due to all those Stress, I’m tend to getting irritated and might spend my whole day at home, watching anime/drama and surfing the internet only…

I had decided to really change my life from now on so you might see big change either on myself or on this site too. ^^ see you all~

Harmonica camp in Japan 2

Today is the second day for the harmonica camp in Japan. This is just a brief update from me before I going to sleep. Will probably write a longer post about the 3 day camp.^^
finally I remembered to take a photos with Mr. Zhang ah kow. This time is a group photo shot. From left is (Mr. Zhang’s) translator, saito jugo(japan’s top tremolo player and composer+ arrangement. Our Mr. Zhang and me.^^

The second photo is Mr. Sanada dancing with some woman. He is the one wuan xin, Khooi Khim them met at Genting one. The very gentle uncle from Japan.^^

Well then, got to sleep so I will stop here.

Tokyo CGM Night 8

Last friday I had went to the famous Japan Pop Cultures blogger, a.k.a Danny Choo event named “CGM Night”. This is the 8th time of the CGM Night and I had joined 3 before. You can check out of my previous entry of the CGM Night here:

  1. Tokyo CGM Night 7
  2. Tokyo CGM Night 6
  3. Tokyo CGM Night 5

All the people that night. It’s really hard to fit all people in this small hall.

As usual the CGM Night is a gathering of famous blogger’s which have great interest in Japan’s pop cultures(anime, games, figures, dollfie…). The word CGM stand for “Consumer Generated Media”, which meant media(blog posts, news, feeds, tweets..) which wrote by consumer itself. You will need to be an active blogger and own a Twitter account to join the CGM Night.

As usual, the night started by introduction speech(very short and funny) from Danny Choo himself. A simple introduction of tonight’s guest and rules and then have fun!

This is the only photo of Danny which I took clearly that night… Sorry Danny ^^”

Mr Sugiyama from Digital Hollywood Studio. Thanks for the venue that night. He looked really fit in with all the cosplayers.

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