Odawara Castle(小田原城)

Yesterday when I’m going to part-time job interview at Odawara, I had passed through this Castle. Asked the man after my interview and he told me the entrance is free so I decided to take a walk inside it.

Some historical education for the tourist to read. How much can you understand without english explanation? ^^

It’s kinda interesting to see such historical building located just beside of the main road inside a city. ^^

liked the red bridge. A bridge always remind me of the scene from Spirited Away where Chihiro have to cross the bridge without breathing so the spirits or gods there will not notice she is a human.

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Furniture from IKEA

This post is to introduce you all the furniture I bought from IKEA. I bought:

  1. Working Table
  2. Small Desk
  3. Book Shelf
  4. Chair
  5. Mirror
  6. Glass writting Board
  7. Place to put clothes in

Totally spent 25K for furniture and 5K for delivery. IKEA sent my stuff to me two days after the date of purchase.

You can view the post about my moving to Kanagawa. You can watch the video there too showing you that I had nothing in my Room…. Also post about My Trip to IKEA Yokohama.

So the below photos is to show the before and after of the furniture fixing processes.

All the furniture in Boxes~

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Moved to Kanagawa

It had been a long time since I write a post now. Just to let you all know that I had moved to my new Apartment beside my University, Tokai University which I will be start attending since this April.

The look of my room where I just moved in.

So this post will be a post about my new apartment. I found this Apartment throught Rikuou center (陸王不動産). My Apartment was about 19.8 m^2 and it got it’s own Toilet and Kitchen. And guess what, It’s rental fees is just 27K Yen monthly including the use of water.

The door and the kitchen at the left hand side.

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