K-ON! After School Live!! PSP Game

With Project Diva Hatsune Miku getting so successful, SEGA is bringing us another new game featured all our Favourite K-ON member’s band life!

The playing system is almost the same with Project Diva, but without the note flying out from unexpected points. ^^ We will have members of K-ON club playing their guitars/keyboard/drum at the background.

You can also play multiplayer mode up to 5 friends using the ad-hoc mode. Each player will play different music notes from Yui, Mio, Azusa, Tsumugi or Ritsu. ^^ Can’t wait to get this game for myself too.

The game K-ON! After School Live!! is scheduled to be release at 30 September 2010 and the price will be 6,090 Yen.

K-ON!! new OP and ED

So they changed the LOGO to HTT which mean, 放課後のティータイム (Tea Time After School).

I finally brought myself to watch the second season of K-ON! The name, K-ON!! (caution: it’s two !! there.) is very similar to the first season’s title name, K-ON! so most people will get confuse about it. ^^

The story is good too. Although I had read the K-ON Manga episode 3 before that, I can still enjoy the light-hearted story. The graphic is also improved from the last season.

But what I want to show you all today here is the OP and the ED of the anime.

The Opening is as lively as the previous one and we have Yui sing it. And we have the rotating camera shot of the 5 members playing the Opening song. That is awesome. ^^

I personally prefer the Ending of the anime. Rather than Yui shouting maniacly, I would prefer Mio’s singing. ^^ (That is personally my own point of view, I didn’t say Yui’s singing is bad either. ^^”) Maybe I’m started to getting tired of Kawaii-style? LOL

Have you watched K-ON!! yet?