Iphone sync error with (-50) error and the way to fix it

Just a record for myself and as a reference for other people with this problem. I encountered Error (-50) when syncing my iPhone 5 with iTunes.

iTunes error -50

(Macbook Air 13 inch, photos from iPhoto and syncing iPhone 5)

The problem only occurred when I tried to try to sync photos to my iPhone 5 through iTunes with photos from iPhoto. I had tried lots of other way of fixing through the internet and it all doesn’t work for me.

And the way that I found at last is from this site.

It suggested that you open up your folder for iPhoto Library-> right click it and select “Show package contents”.
Inside it, you will find a file/folder named “iPod Photo Cache”.
Delete that folder and let iTunes re-sync again for your device.

This way worked for me and I thought I should record it down for future reference. If it doesn’t work for you, sorry and don’t stop trying other methods as suggested from the internet.

Doraemon in iPhone

Had you got yourself a Doraemon for your iPhone yet?

An An An, Totemo Daisuki, Dorae— Mon~~~

As you can see it’s built from 16 free application where you can download from Application Store from itunes for free. Few of it is useful application like battery life viewer, calculator, and timer. While the rest of it are parts of Doraemon Comic in Japanese Language. It was released by Yahoo Japan Corporation since 1st February.

They released this application to celebrate the coming Doraemon the Movie, Nobita and the Mermaid Sea War.(Sorry, Translated myself. Know it sounded Dumb for you.)It’s up for free download until 10th May 2010.

Personally think it’s fun and downloaded all of them. Will read up the comic too if I have some free time then.

How many of you had already downloaded it? ^^