Fixed Images Link for WordPress

Hi, This is an apologise post for all of you my blog reader. As you see I finally decided to continue on working on this blog. As when the time I mentioned that, this site was totally a mess. Especially broken images Links….

Broken Link

I tried to search around the internet for a way to fix it. After some googling, I finally found a solution  Continue reading

Fibre Optic Connection in Japan

Today the NTT people just came and help me set up the Fibre Optic Connection. My provider is from @TCOM and here is just a post to show you my router and my current internet speed.

This is my Router from NTT.

And here are my result from

Really happy with it now. ^^ Time for some download. ^^

Emobile’s Pocket Wifi

Hereby I’m proudly announce that I’m now an Official User of Emobile’s Pocket Wifi.

It happened that today I went to Akihabara to researching PC Hardware with two of my friends who want to custom make up a Dekstop Computer. After we done our researching, I went to Sofmap to asking for Internet Service Provide. Just to let you know that I will move to Kanagawa and not in Tokyo anymore this coming 6th March. So I think it’s about time to apply for an Internet Service for my new place.

This is what the packages included. A SIM Card, Battery and the Device itself. With tons of statements and Instruction books.

I had been wanted the Pocket Wifi since half year before but can’t really make up my mind since I still can use Free Internet from my dorm at Asia Bunka Kaikan. And then today, I finally signed their contract for the 2 Year M Plan with monthly usage of 4980 Yen for the speed of 7.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps Upload. While you need to pay 5980 for the first time for the device.

Starting it up for the first time. ^^

I signed it up mostly because I’m owning an Iphone. For Iphone Users out there, I’m sure that you have to pay around 6000 Yen monthly for your Packets fees. But with Pocket WIFI, you can use WIFI for your Iphone, Nintendo DS, PSP, Laptop, etc…. It can connect up to 5 devices at the same time!

So, the deal is that you don’t use your Iphone’s 3G network at all and using Pocket Wifi for networking. So you can save up to 4200 Yen monthly from your Iphone and pay up 4980 Yen for Pocket Wifi. So you are actually getting Pocket Wifi with only 780 a month!

Lovely. Liked it ^^

Really happy about it now and trying it out for Iphones and PSP now. If you are a person which keep travel outside and need internet connection everywhere you go, Emobile’s Pocket Wifi is definitely your choice. ^^

Results of Speed test and Ping test from

What ISP (Internet Service Provider) you using now? Still remember having Streamyx back in Malaysia which provided 512Kbps for RM 66(around 2000 yen monthly). ^^

Net Idol Dancer Makoron 【まころん】

Hi. Today I would like to introduce you all about a Net Idol Dancer which been called Makoron 【まころん】. She is an active dancer and have often update of Video of her dancing in NicoNico Douga Site.

Makoron keep wearing a Mask when filming her dance video since she always got sick when it’s time to dance…(ウソ!)

I had been watching her dance since last year’s December when I randomly searching through NicoNico Douga site for interesting video. At first I was thinking like this about Makoron :

Hmm.. This girl is quite cute… Oh! And I can see a flash of her Pantsu (Underwear) when she jumped on her dance!!!

Sometime she is fine and so she removed her mask ^^”

^^” Mostly men are Ecchi and so do I too. And so on I keep on checking on her new dance and found out that she is really nice and have great passion for her dance. So I continued to watch her dance every time she had an update.

And now here is how I think about Makoron:

Really is a beautiful girl with cute movement on her dance. Great passion for dance and Great model for girls which interested in dancing.

This is how she look up close. Definitely a Typical Ideal Girlfriend.

So from now on you will see her dance video uploaded here from time to time whenever she had a new dance. I will keep uploading her dance through this blog until I got a request from her to remove those video from this site.

Well then, here you go ^^:

P.S. : If you are confident about your Japanese, You can also read her Blog here.

A day in Akihabara 2

Yesterday I went to Akihabara again to meet up with a net Blogger that I had been reading on for a while now. His Name is Lester Ho.

I had meet up with him at around 12.30 p.m. and then we start to search for a place to eat. Had lunch at Yoshinoya. We both ordered Unagi Don Teishoku (Teishoku which mean Set Lunch in Japanese. Usually containing a Rice, a soup and some side dishes.) Didn’t think about blogging at the time since I’m being quite happy to see Him and then forgot to take photos of the foods.

Then Lester Ho showed me around Akihabara. Take a tour to Aso Bit City and window shopping for quite some times. For my older post of “A day in Akihabara”, you can found it here.

macross frontier1

Some Mecha from Macross Frontier. Think you should remember it ^^ (* Especially Tony?)

macross 2

Another shot. This model is which Luca rode on.

Since I didn’t think of blogging on this day’s trip, I almost haven’t take any pictures at all. LOL… No much things to show you all this time. But still, a Strike Freedom Gundam for you:

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How to keep up with blogs’ updates

As more and  more people start owning a blog now, it’s getting hard to keep viewing everyone’s blog everyday to see either they have updated their blog or not. And so, here comes the FEEDS Function.

This Post is a guide to help you keep up with your friends’ blogs. As there are many ways to receive Feeds, here I’m using Firefox’s plugin as an example.

Step 1:  You need Firefox. If you already have it on your computer, skip to step 3.

Step 2: Install it if you didn’t have it on your computer. Just download it from the Official site and following simple step to install it.


Download it and install it.

Step 3: Launch Firefox from your computer. From firefox, open this page : .

Step 4: Click on the “Add to Firefox” Button. A new windows will be launch and asking for your permission to install it. Click on “install” button.

add to firefox

Click on the button.

Step 5: After that Restart your firefox.

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Fastest download in ABK Dorm

Been in Japan for 1 day and today decided to try out the maximum speed of the Fibre Optic cable provided at my room. It found out to be able to download from BT source with the amazing speed of 1.03 MB/s.


wow..1.03 Mega Bytes per seconds.

It take me approximately 20 minutes for me to finished download that particular episode(it is roughly the time I used to brush my teeth…). Japan’s Internet speed is God Like.

Liked their speed very much and will make good use of it. ^^