Tokyo Game Show 2010

I had been to Tokyo Game Show that located at Makuhari Messe at 18th September 2010 with my friend. I bought the ticket at 7-eleven nearby my house for 1000 Yen.

Reached there  at 11.10 am. Got there late because I got the wrong station name.

Weather that day was really nice, and not too hot.

Up till here, I start to wonder… “wow… looked like not really lots of people coming to this TGS 2010”.. But then the nightmare had just begin~

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StarCraft II all cleared

In 2 days of time after 1 days of it’s release date, I had finished up StarCraft II’s campaign Mode for the Terrans. What I can say about this game is ” It’s damned great!”

The story is simple, If I was to conclude it in the most simple way, it would be like this :

meet up old friends, start helping collecting Xel’naga’s artifact, fighting dominant, team up with them , using the Xel’naga’s artifact and neutralized the Zerg Virus on his girlfriend. The End

For more information please visit Wikipedia.

Haha. I admit that I’m bad at writing up stuff. The game play experience is also very great. You can choose between Casual, Normal, Hard , or Brutal Mode to play the game. You can play whatever mode and change mode even in the middle of the story. I had cleared the normal mode. I had tried Hard mode on the last mission and it was really ….. HARD… Hell I can never beat the hard mode for the last Mission… Can’t imagine how it was in Brutal mode…

Besides that, There are few scenes in the story kinda amusing. such as this:

Don’t shoot at Screen…. <– The main character had get angry and shoot at the screen once… LOL

They are creative enough to make a shooting game for you to play at if you are getting bored at the missions.

Hoho! iMac, iPhone, iPod, and iPistol at the future?

Well. Really had fun playing the game and I think StarCraft 2 is really the game you must play in your lifetime.

K-ON! After School Live!! PSP Game

With Project Diva Hatsune Miku getting so successful, SEGA is bringing us another new game featured all our Favourite K-ON member’s band life!

The playing system is almost the same with Project Diva, but without the note flying out from unexpected points. ^^ We will have members of K-ON club playing their guitars/keyboard/drum at the background.

You can also play multiplayer mode up to 5 friends using the ad-hoc mode. Each player will play different music notes from Yui, Mio, Azusa, Tsumugi or Ritsu. ^^ Can’t wait to get this game for myself too.

The game K-ON! After School Live!! is scheduled to be release at 30 September 2010 and the price will be 6,090 Yen.

Ita-PSP (痛-PSP)

Ita-PSP, It’s a term to refer decorated PSP. The word Ita(痛) is original from Itai(痛い), which mean pain in Japanese. It’s original referring about Ita-sha(痛車), which mean someone painted their Car with Anime’ Characters.

Example of an Ita-sha

Last week when I’m going to Akihabara with Lester Ho, I saw some Anime Magazine and spotted that one of the magazine have the decorating stickers for PSP. I own a PSP myself and really liked the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Decorating stickers. ^^

Bought the Magazines, Nyan-Type just for the stickers. for the contents and the stickers.

I leaved it there for few days. And so luckily I have no work today, so I decided to clean up my room and opened up the stickers and decorated it at my PSP.

This is the Stickers. It had 3 sets of stickers for you to choose from.

Stickers compared to PSP size.

Personally prefered the second sticker since it have Nanoha and Fate in it.

Done~ What disappointed me is that it doesn’t really suit well in Black PSP.

Images from right.

Well, guess can’t say much since it’s a free products. But back on my PSP. I really wanted a White-coloured PSP but since I can’t get it in Firmware 5.05 so have no choice but to go for black (Some know why I need 5.05 ^^)

So how was your PSP of your friends? Are your friends also decorating their PSP with stickers? Or they painted it? ^^