Freeline Skate Introduction

Today I would like to introduce an new X-game sport which got invented by some skateboarder in US at 2006. The name of the new sport is called Freeline Skating. It was said that this new type of sport had combined the way of skating the Snowboard, Skateboard, Ski, Inline Skate, and much more.

This new sport had rise since 2006 and are progressing steadily now. You can already see lots of Freeline Skate videos through Youtube and you can see lots of players are from US, Japan and Korea. Too bad I haven’t saw any videos from Malaysia yet.

So, what is so fun about this new sport?

Firstly, It very small and compact. Compared to the skateboard, the sizes of the board(or you can’t call it a board anymore, it’s a pad) is about the size of the computer mouse. So it would be extremely easy for you to carry it around and skate it whenever you like.

Next, you can pump your speed up yourself. Unlike the skateboard, which you have to put your leg down and accelerate yourself, you can just turning your leg around and you can move on forward without doing some un-cool pushing works.

Then, it can jump like any other kind of X-games too. If you not believe then you can try and look at the videos from youtubes.

Finally, it’s cool! Everyone like new things, just like new laptop/gaming console. The Freeline Skate is still considereed very new although 4 years of time had passed. It’s still not much people knowing it existence and less people are skating it. So it will be very cool when people say “Wow ! What is that? I never saw that before.”

So, less reading, more video. I think it would be best for you to witness the cool side of the sport yourself through video. So I prepared few Youtube video and put it in between the passages.

Lastly I would like to help promote this new sport to Malaysia and hopes that I will got some friends to play with when I go back to Malaysia for vacation. I will buy this Freeline skate by this tuesday when I got my money banked in for me. ^^ Also, here are some links for you if you want to buy it. Sorry the link provided are for the use in Japan only. Do some Google searching if you are in Malaysia.

UPDATE!! I had just won the Auction in Yahoo Auction for the skates. Meant that I will most possibly getting the getting by wednesday or thursday ^^

DJMAX The IdolMaster Edition

Today I found out about this Video at Nico Nico Douga’s site and think it’s really deserved a post. I’m a DJMAX fans personally since 2006. Had been playing at DJMAX Japan Server for 1 years and then stopped for a while since the server is closed down.

Then I continued to play DJMAX after I own my PSP since last year. Nothing much to say, but it’s definitely a great fan-made Video. Hope The maker of DJMAX, Pentavision saw this video too.

since I can’t post the Nico Video at this page, I searched the Youtube version of it and put it up here.

Touhou Double Spoiler is coming soon~

The New Touhou Game 12.5 is announced by ZUN’s Blog. It’s called the Double Spoiler. (ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖).
The game play is similiar to the Touhou 9.5 Shoot the Bullet series, where you control Aya Syameimaru and took photos of the boss and have a taste of being inside a screen full with bullet. ^^
It’s to be said that will be released on March 14,2010 at the Reitaisai 7 convention. Seemed like it’s going to be in Tokyo Big Sight again this year.
This time I’m planned to and take some photos showing you all. The rest of the images from the official site:

Jubeat Ripples

Had been playing the arcade machine called Jubeat Since I’m coming over to Japan. I’t somewhat like music game but different from O2jam and Djmax or Audition, It use the Touch Panel of 4 X 4 to play the game. When the note appeared on the screen of the touch panel, you just touch the panel and you get score.

And then 3 days ago, when I’m heading over for some games again at Akihabara, I found this:


Jubeat has been Renewed!! More new songs to play now.


And THANKS to the renewal, now it cost you 200 Yen to play each round…. (CRY). Damn Japan. Didn’t even think twice when it comes to earning our money….

Played few round and found out lots of improvements. The battle screen is more beautifull now, and you can earn more Notes and Display name now. Beside, I noticed a new song which is Chinese’s New Years Song! It’s in Cantonese language and full of Lyrics like “恭喜你” LOL.

Below is some play video of the previous Jubeat Version:

New Touhou(東方) Wave?

Well, It’s not a post about 東方神起 as you thought. It is a post about Touhou Project. Last month when I go to Akihabara’s Gamers for some window shopping, I found this poster sticked on the ground.


The huge poster sticked on the ground.

東方雅華乱舞-外伝-「Connection Collection」.

It seemed to be some kind of card game which you battle with your friends using those Touhou Card and then calculating Points and 霊力 thingy…

I didn’t get involved myself in the game since it require lots of money. Besides that, card game is somewhat of collection things too. If you start collect it, you will never stop until you fully collected all of them. To prevent those things from happened to myself, I choose to not get myself involved.

But then, Last week when my previous visit to Gamers again, I already saw some folk playing them at the 7th floors of Gamers(7th floor is for card gaming and events). I didn’t know any of them so It’s impossible for me to approach them and ask them about the rules of the card games….

Card game2

Another shot.

For more information you can go to the official site of the card game located here.

Well, for myself I kinda looking forward for the Summer Comiket… Can’t wait to buy and play the full version of Touhou Project 11. Just can’t get enough of shooting games from ZUN.

Razing Storm by Namco

This time I take the video of the Arcade Machine called “Razing Storm”. You might have waiting for Time Crisis 5 to be produced after finished up Time Crisis 4, but Namco had produced this another game called Razing Storm which similar to Time Crisis.

The game also played using gun and Leg Pedal which toggle between engage and shield. The different is that the manual gun is a 60 Bullet Heavy Machine gun and you might have Rocket Launcher when battle-ing with bosses. The bosses are all huge robot and really have thick skin. So it’s more realistic than Time Crisis which the Bosses are human which cannot be killed with over 2000 hit using Machine gun…. =.=”

Well then, here is the Video:

This guy is not really pro at this machine. But neither do I. I tried using 1 credit and can’t even reach the Boss battle stage yet….

Note to Chin Hsien: LOL….Wish I can play it together with you.. haha.

Jubeat Arcade Machine

Last sunday I went to Akihabara for some gaming experience since it has been quite a long time from my last visit there. For myself, I personally liked this Arcade machine called Jubeat by Konami. The machine got produced at 2008 and was a real hit in Japan at the time.

It’s a new Music Game by Konami which produced lots of popular games like Dance Dance Revolution , Drum Mania, Guitar Mania, and Para Para Paradise. I didn’t take much photos since it’s dark inside the gaming center. Instead, I took this video to show you all how the game work.

The first guy is not really good at this machine. I can play better than him. But the second guy on the video (at around 3:24) is really good on it. Wish I can be like him someday.

I also bought the e-AMUSEMENT PASS by Konami which will let you save your gaming’s progress into the card and show you your online ranking overall in Japan.



東方星蓮船 Trial Out!

As in today at 博麗神社例大祭, Japan, Team Shanghai Alice Team had released the 12th project of 東方(Touhou) Project with the title : “Undefined Fantastic Object”.

The tittle screen this time.^.^

I got the news quite late. After the new RSS Feed from Tokyotosho pop up and I happened to check on it, I found out this 同人ゲーム(Doujin Game) with the tittle Touhou and get interested. Then I downloaded it using BT. While waiting, I checked up the Team Shanghai Alice website and found out that the 博麗神社例大祭 is on today, 8th March.

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