First outdoor activities with Japanese.

Today is my first time going out with my Japanese friends from my current University, Tokai University. Heard about their planning few days ago when I having lunch together with them at Canteen.

Since today is public holiday, they planned to go out to 町田 (Machida, quite a town compared to my current place) for some fun. Depart at 10.00 and reached there around 10.40. Seemed that I’m the 2nd reaching there. Was suppose to gather at 11.00 a.m. Then we head out to the Bowling center named “Round One”

The floor navigation guide at the Bowling Center.

This is my first outing with Japanese friends, and also my first bowling experience. Never played this Money-consuming sports before back in Malaysia.

The photos of my friends playing Mario Kart 2 while waiting for register.

At there! One interest machine I found out is the Shoes-lending machine. Most of you might know that you need to change into bowling shoes when playing it. Again Japan had surprised me. They have the shoes-lending machine.

Just push the green button and Shoes will drop out. My size is 27.0 cm.

Ok, Skip over the shoes things. The bowling field in Japan is smaller than what you see in Malaysia. I still remember in Pacific (or what you called Megamall Penang), the bowling field have around 40+ bowling track. In this Round One center, I only saw around 10 bowling tracks. But it have few floors of bowling fields. I think that summed up to be around 40+ too ^^

A peek at the bowling field.

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節分の日-豆まき (Setsubun’s Day, Throwing Beans)

Today I went to one of the nearest Shrine, Fuji Jinjya(富士神社) from my school for the setsubun festival(節分の日).

This is the building where all the kids are gathered.

In japan, usually 4th February is the day where it meant that the start of the new season, Spring. At that day, there are having the 豆まき(Mamemaki – Throwing Beans) ceremony which hopes that they can get good fortune for the year. They usually shout 「福は内、鬼は外」(Good fortune come in, Ghost go out!) and they start throwing the Beans at the people who act as the Ghost.

The one in green shirt is the Head Priest and he will leading all the other priests to throwing the snacks at the kids.

The Word “Bean” in Japanese is called {Mame} which have the meaning of the 魔滅 (Mametsu) – meaning destroying the Evil. So they believed that the bean can keep out bad fortune and asking good fortune in.

This is when they started to throwing the snacks.

I went there twice that day. The first time I went there alone at 3.00 p.m. At first I wonder why all the kids are holding up a plastic beg. Soon I know what happened. It’s used to catch the snacks which had been thrown by the priest from 2nd floor of the Shrine building. I didn’t bring anything with me and so I ended up empty hand…. LOL

Friends. From left: Yi Chin, Ming Li, Niji, XXX(forgot her name ^^)

The second time I went there at 4.00 p.m. This time I went there with few of my friends from my Japanese Language school. They also want to went there and take a look. Suddenly I encountered them at lobby and so we decided to go together.

She is the Ghost(Oni)!

One of my friend give me the idea that using the cap of my coat to act as the plastic beg to get the snacks. And what surprised me, It WORK!! I am able to get lots of snack at the second time. ^^

The Snacks we got from the Mamemaki Ceremony. Most of it is what I got. ^^

Friends with snacks get!!

And here you are, My photo once in a while. ^^

Really having fun that day with friends and once again I felt the greatness of the cultures of Japanese. One of my online friend said that it’s like children day for Japanese kids. I just smiled. ^^ what do you think?

Lunch at Tokyo [3]

3rd post of Lunch at Tokyo. I had went to had Indian food with two of my friend from my Japanese Language  School yesterday afternoon. Just as someones already know, I had my Personal Presentation with the tittle “Blog” at my Japanese language school and had quite the good respond from my audiences. So I feel quite happy and went out for outside foods once in a while.

The entrance of the shop.

Went to the Shop called Shanti near Sugamo station(巣鴨駅). This is my first time in my life that I had my lunch at an Indian restaurant. Thanks Yau and Su Li for bringing me there.

The atmosphere there is very calming and nice. Liked their decoration.

We went there during lunch hour(which is from 11.00 till 3.00p.m.) and got salad and soft drinks for free. Going by 3 people meant that you got to see more type of foods from that shop.

Su Li and her Mild Chicken Curry Set with Cheese Nan. Costed 850 Yen.

We ordered the Mild Chicken Curry Set and 2 X Lamb Curry Set (This one is very spicy). While for the main dish, you can either choose between Rice or Nan(Kind of Roti Canai-like bread). For the Nan, I ordered Regular Nan and Su Li ordered the Cheese Nan, while Yau ordered BIG NAN.

Me with my Tandoori Curry set costed 980 Yen.

One things what surprised me that day is that the size of the BIG NAN. It’s really BIIIIG.

See, the Nan is even bigger than Yau’s Head. About 3 X of a regular Nan. The Lamb Curry set with Big Nan Costed 850 Yen.

The curry there is really delicious and very Original. Really tasted like Indian curry. Curry in Japan is normally sweet but the curry of this shop really keep on their original tasted from Indian. If you are searching for good curry shop, I think Shanti is a good Choice for you. ^^

P.S. : Really been busy until yesterday preparing things for Personal Presentation. Sorry for the late update of the site and I still Own you all the post of me going to Winter Comiket at Odaiba last year end…. Will try to adjust everything back soon. ^^”

Good bye Friend

Today, one of my friend who came to Japan together with me since April had boarded the aeroplane to go back to Malaysia. He will be back for about 20 days and will come back Japan to finished off our Japanese Language school.

We ate our last Breakfast together at Matsuya(松屋).

We didn’t sleep at all yesterday night just to go to his room and talked there until it’s time for him to depart to the airport the next morning. Before his depart, we decided to go to eat breakfast together at Matsuya together. Took these photos while we are in there.( Few Japanese looked at us strangely….)

Lame Iphone photos…. LOL

He had been our best friends and a really kind man to us. He treat everyone nicely and sometimes a little bit rude. But in the other hand, we had no need to keep our self formal or considering when we tried to talk to him.

Well, All the Best to you and hopes to see you back soon~

Yakiniku Trip At Yoyogi

Been going to Yoyogi for Yakiniku (Roasted meat??) a week ago with friends since the price is really cheap. Been asked want to go together or not and then I told them yes.

men souls

The Yakinku shop named Guts Soul. Located very near after get out from the Yoyogi Station.

This Yakiniku shop is really cheap. there are having 食べ飲み放題 (Tabenomi Houdai, which mean eat & drink all you can courses) with just 1280 yen!


The menu is also quite gorgeous. You based on this menu and order the food through a special remote controller which located at your table.

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Just back from the Oo-Matsuri of Fujimae Jinjya (Oo mean Big, Matsuri is somewhat like a festival.)

The Matsuri has been going on for two days but I didn’t really noticed it. Just found out about the matsuri on my way to my Part-time work place.


Reached the Matsuri place.

Reached the matsuri at around 6.30 p.m.(Yes, it is still bright out there.) Then we take a tour around the selling places and games places. Then we decided what to eat. I go there with my friends. So we decided to divide up the foods to save on money and can try more type of foods.

Jyaga Bata-

じゃがバター(Jyaga Bata-)

First tried out the Jyaga Bata- which you saw on Aria the Animation when Ai-chan first visited Neo-Venetia. Jyaga Bata-  mean Butter Potatoes in English. (Jyaga Imo = Potatoes, Bata- = Butter).

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A day in Akihabara

First of all, Let use a photo of Melonpan from “Shakugan no Shana” to start off this post.


Shanaノ”Urusai Urusai Urusai!”

Breakfast is Melon-Pan from 7-eleven. Cost me 105 yens(around RM3.8). Then walk around the park near my school and read some Japanese novel. Around 12.00 We started our Journey to Akihabara.

Mission: To capture the Otakus’ culture

Agents: Amy-0072, Danielle-0075 and Me.

Mission limit: 13:00-22:00

Arms: 10,000 Yen each agents, Handphone camera, ETC


After a 23 minutes of ride from Sugamo station. We reached our mission location.


First Stage is at Tokyo Anime Center.

We encountered few Legendary Figures and have a tough fight with them using our only weapon: Handphone camera…

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Last Harmonica Activity in CLB

Last saturday was the Last Harmonica Activity in my secondary school, Chung Ling Butterworth.

By using this last activity, I helped them finished up a song for the cultural night at July and another for Camp in PCGHS(Penang Chinese Girl High School). The two song I finished teaching them are Can Can and Doremi medley.

I has been teaching my school’s Harmonica Band for 1 years now. Getting Coach fees monthly for my study fees in Japan. Thinking all those life back now was really nostalgic.

By becoming the coach of my school’s Harmonica Band, I tasted lots of “First Experience of”:

  1. First Experience of being called “coach”(教练in chinese)
  2. First Experience of learning to organize the whole activity
  3. First Experience of trying to know all the member
  4. First Experience of teaching an ensemble
  5. First Experience of holding a baton
  6. First Experience of being a conductor(指揮者なれた。はい!千秋と同じ。^^) Like Chiaki-senpai ^^
  7. First Experience of being treated a cake for my farewell
  8. First Experience of being rush by teacher to finish off all the task
  9. First Experience of being laughed by my friends ” wah.. You are coach ah?”
  10. First Experience of being respected by my friends ” wah.. You are coach ah?”

LOL… Guess it has really been a good experience for me. And at the last activity, we together with all the members took this following pictures. Thanks all guys. for spending the precious 1 year time with me. And for trusting my conducting all the time, paying attention for what I have to said. Thank you all.^^


It was fun Guys. ^^


Check out the Lion at my Head…they said my hair look like the lion with the name of “alex”(not sure..maybe from Madagascar??)

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