iPhone Domino’s Application

Yes, The Domino Pizza is on your iPhone now. ^^

According to the website from the Domino.jp, you can now download application for your iPhone through App Store now. Then you can order your Domino pizza even at the street. With iPhone’s GPS support, they can send it to your current location.

Nothing much to say, just watch the instruction Video ^^ :

Not really going to try it since Pizza is expensive in Japan. Might consider ordering it if getting too hungry and almost faint on the street… ^^”

Lunch at Tokyo [5]

Today my Class is having a trip to Ten Ou (天皇)’s resident and on my wait back, my friends and I went to one of the local Ramen shop for some foods.

All of this for 500 Yen! Cheap!

This Ramen shop Located at Shinbocyou(新保町). We are extremely hungry after the trip so we just eat there.

The shop~

This is what lured attracted us in.

Just for your info that it normally cost you around 700 yen to have Ramen at Tokyo. But this shop offered Ramen and Tempura Don Set lunch with just 500 Yen. It’s really cheap around here.

It’s really beautiful inside too.


KFC in Japan

Today I went and try out the KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Japan. Heard that the KFC in Japan is really awful from lots of malaysian but never tried one before.

Hot Chicken Pie & Chicken Set costed 690 Yen.

On my way of seaching for Tokyu Milano Cinema at Shinjuku(新宿), I lost and missed the time to watch the movie Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie. So I decided to have my dinner first before continue on searching for the cinema.

Chicken Drumstick is rather…. Small compared to Malaysia.

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Lunch at Tokyo [4]

Seemed like I had been eating outside a lots recently… This time it’s a Chinese Restaurant at Hon-Atsugi (本厚木). Didn’t take photos of the entrance so no pictures of entrance for you this time…

This is what I ordered. 上海風酢豚(Shang Hai Flavor Vinegar Pork) Set lunch. Costed 780Yen.

The amount of the food here is really large and can hardly finished it all. I personally think Chinese food is very strong in flavor than Japanese food.. Hmm…Maybe it’s because I had been eating japanese foods recently?

While my Friend, Toda-san (戸田さん) ordered ニラレバ(Chinese Chive and Liver). Costed 780 Yen too.

We ate there during our trip to the Atsugi Harmonica Concert.For your info, Japanese called Chinese foods 中華料理 (Chuka Ryouri). So next time when you are asked by your Japanese friends about what you like to eat and if you cannot had Sushi, You can say Chuka Ryouri ga Iidesu(Chinese food is fine with me ^^”).

Nothing much to say here. ^^ See you next time.

Lunch at Tokyo [3]

3rd post of Lunch at Tokyo. I had went to had Indian food with two of my friend from my Japanese Language  School yesterday afternoon. Just as someones already know, I had my Personal Presentation with the tittle “Blog” at my Japanese language school and had quite the good respond from my audiences. So I feel quite happy and went out for outside foods once in a while.

The entrance of the shop.

Went to the Shop called Shanti near Sugamo station(巣鴨駅). This is my first time in my life that I had my lunch at an Indian restaurant. Thanks Yau and Su Li for bringing me there.

The atmosphere there is very calming and nice. Liked their decoration.

We went there during lunch hour(which is from 11.00 till 3.00p.m.) and got salad and soft drinks for free. Going by 3 people meant that you got to see more type of foods from that shop.

Su Li and her Mild Chicken Curry Set with Cheese Nan. Costed 850 Yen.

We ordered the Mild Chicken Curry Set and 2 X Lamb Curry Set (This one is very spicy). While for the main dish, you can either choose between Rice or Nan(Kind of Roti Canai-like bread). For the Nan, I ordered Regular Nan and Su Li ordered the Cheese Nan, while Yau ordered BIG NAN.

Me with my Tandoori Curry set costed 980 Yen.

One things what surprised me that day is that the size of the BIG NAN. It’s really BIIIIG.

See, the Nan is even bigger than Yau’s Head. About 3 X of a regular Nan. The Lamb Curry set with Big Nan Costed 850 Yen.

The curry there is really delicious and very Original. Really tasted like Indian curry. Curry in Japan is normally sweet but the curry of this shop really keep on their original tasted from Indian. If you are searching for good curry shop, I think Shanti is a good Choice for you. ^^

P.S. : Really been busy until yesterday preparing things for Personal Presentation. Sorry for the late update of the site and I still Own you all the post of me going to Winter Comiket at Odaiba last year end…. Will try to adjust everything back soon. ^^”

Lunch at Tokyo [2]

The second post of lunch in Tokyo. It’s not a special day today but just that I feel like eating outside once in a while.

It’s sunny out there and you can see lots of people lining up just to go in to have their Ramen.

Today shop is Sengoku Jiman Ramen(千石自慢らーめん). I think I had posted about it once before I started the “lunch at Tokyo” post.

Tasted Damn Great!

Ordered a Syouyu Buta Hone(醤油豚骨) today which costed 600 yen.

Compared to last time. I see more staff are recruited. Last time I only saw 2 person working. Maybe it’s lunch hour now?

Tasted really good and heading home playing some harmonica…

Can still see people lining up even after I ate it and heading home… LOL

Still have a video and 3 post on my waiting list to complete… Please look forward to my new Harmonica video soon ^^

Strawberry in Japan and Thanks Kah Yong(For Malaysian Readers)

Just bought some Strawberry from some local Shotengai (商店街). And it tasted really good. ^^


We can never saw such HUGE strawberry back in Malaysia even you go to Cameron Highland. Haha. Didn’t meant to say Malaysia bad but Malaysia is just not the place for Fruits like Strawberry. We have Durian and Mangoesteen though. ^^

Also received the Postcard from Kah Yong today. Really thanks him for keep sending me letters and Postcard. He really cared much for me and wish we can see each other soon at next year.

Thanks you very much.

Cake Tabehoudai(ケーキ食べ放題)

I know I had been writting about Tabehoudai(eat-all-you-can) a lot but this will be the final one for the time being.^^


It was about one and a half month ago when it was a week after my birthday. My friends who coming together with me to study at ABK Japanese language school had decided to help me celebrate my belated birthday by going to the cake tabehoudai.

The setting of the shop is very beautiful and very…. SWEET?

This cake tabehoudai is also located at Ikebukuro(池袋). It is very near from the pizza tabehoudai I wrote before. The restaurant’s name is Sweet Paradise. Sweet Paradise is also having it’s chain restaurant at other location like Shinjuku, Harajuky, and Ginza.

Got a bit excited and asked the 店員(staff )there for a photo session.

The cake tabehoudai costed us 1480 yen each person and have a time limit of one and a half hour. It contained more than 30 types of Sweets and more than 20 types of drinks. Best suited for those who like to eat sweet things. ^^

This is part of the Cake’s Corner.LOL…

Really ate lots that day and we all feeling hard to move around after the heavy meal. We also went playing some games at Game Center and then we all decided to go back since most of us already run out of money. ^^”

Sushi Tabehoudai (寿司食べ放題)

Just now I had been to Ueno(上野) having sushi’s Tabehoudai(すし食べ放題) with my friends. We went there to buy cloth but then the time is getting late and so we decided to have our dinner there.^^

Our First round’s order.

The sushi tabehoudai costed us 1050 yen(about RM 35) per person and it had no time limit.^^ Which meant that we can eat, rest, eat, chat, rest, play PSP, and then eat again until 10.3o p.m. We got to eat 40 types of different sushi there. Although the Suhi’s quality is not the top notch, I’m satisfied with it since the taste is not so bad.

The Entrance of the shop.

It had been a long time since I last ate sushi for lunch and so think it’s a good chance to release my hunger for sushi from this Tabehoudai Course. We ate the total of 25 sushi each person and we all think that we had what we paid back.^^ We had a total of 5 rounds of order and each round contained more than 12-15 sushi ordered.

Here is the Menu (料金表)for those who are interested.

Besides from the Sushi Tabehoudai, I also bought a set of Outdoor sport wear with just 1600 Yen. Yes, it’s extremely cheap considering the normal price for a Sport Jacket already can cost you 6000 yen. If you are finding cheap shirts and pants, I would recommend you to go to Ueno and go to their local shopping district.

It had been a fun day for me going out with my friends.