Razing Storm by Namco

This time I take the video of the Arcade Machine called “Razing Storm”. You might have waiting for Time Crisis 5 to be produced after finished up Time Crisis 4, but Namco had produced this another game called Razing Storm which similar to Time Crisis.

The game also played using gun and Leg Pedal which toggle between engage and shield. The different is that the manual gun is a 60 Bullet Heavy Machine gun and you might have Rocket Launcher when battle-ing with bosses. The bosses are all huge robot and really have thick skin. So it’s more realistic than Time Crisis which the Bosses are human which cannot be killed with over 2000 hit using Machine gun…. =.=”

Well then, here is the Video:

This guy is not really pro at this machine. But neither do I. I tried using 1 credit and can’t even reach the Boss battle stage yet….

Note to Chin Hsien: LOL….Wish I can play it together with you.. haha.

Jubeat Arcade Machine

Last sunday I went to Akihabara for some gaming experience since it has been quite a long time from my last visit there. For myself, I personally liked this Arcade machine called Jubeat by Konami. The machine got produced at 2008 and was a real hit in Japan at the time.

It’s a new Music Game by Konami which produced lots of popular games like Dance Dance Revolution , Drum Mania, Guitar Mania, and Para Para Paradise. I didn’t take much photos since it’s dark inside the gaming center. Instead, I took this video to show you all how the game work.

The first guy is not really good at this machine. I can play better than him. But the second guy on the video (at around 3:24) is really good on it. Wish I can be like him someday.

I also bought the e-AMUSEMENT PASS by Konami which will let you save your gaming’s progress into the card and show you your online ranking overall in Japan.



A day in Akihabara

First of all, Let use a photo of Melonpan from “Shakugan no Shana” to start off this post.


Shanaノ”Urusai Urusai Urusai!”

Breakfast is Melon-Pan from 7-eleven. Cost me 105 yens(around RM3.8). Then walk around the park near my school and read some Japanese novel. Around 12.00 We started our Journey to Akihabara.

Mission: To capture the Otakus’ culture

Agents: Amy-0072, Danielle-0075 and Me.

Mission limit: 13:00-22:00

Arms: 10,000 Yen each agents, Handphone camera, ETC


After a 23 minutes of ride from Sugamo station. We reached our mission location.


First Stage is at Tokyo Anime Center.

We encountered few Legendary Figures and have a tough fight with them using our only weapon: Handphone camera…

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