My Class Performance During Rinkan Gakkou

(Sorry been keep this post on hold and think as well as posting it up now. It happened during last year’s July.)

Ya and as you know from my post about my Trip to Mt. Fuji during Rinkan Gakkou organized by ABK Japanese Language School, Every class are having their own performance under 5 minutes.

It’s a pleasure to announce that my class’ performance got the 1st Place in the Dashimono (or so called “performance”). Although everyone is happy about being the 1st, We all complaint about the prize… Just some Cheap Cakes for everyone’s share….

では、早速!(Well then, Let Hurry!) My Class D1’s Performance:

EJU Result

Today I got my EJU (Examination for Japanese University) results from my Language school, ABK.

The first thing I do when I got it is to open it(WTF…. Don’t blame me for writting somethings silly since most people will PRAY first before open it….) and looked inside of it.

Yeah, I got a Total of 375 out of 400 for my Japanese Language, Ranked about 450 from the total of 20,000 examinees. 103/120 for listening, 118/120 for Listening & Reading, and 154/160 for Reading.

I’m really happy with my own Results like this but on the same time, I think I have to thanks animes and Japanese games to help me improving my Japanese for the past few years.

On the other hand, I only got 55/100 for my Physics, 47/100 for my Chemistry and 99/200 for my math…. CRY. Luckily I had passed my test into my Tokai University or else my teacher tell me that it’s hard to pass good University’s entrance exam with the results like this….

Hmm… Heard that I might get some scholarship with my Japanese language but nothing can be sure yet just now… Will let you all update when I get one.

For all those foreigner whose wish to study in Japan. Work hard and everything will pay off. Studying more in Japanese. It’s hard at first but then when you started to get the hang of it, It’s really fun(cause you can watch unsubbed Animes, Playing Japanese games… Etc…).

Good bye Friend

Today, one of my friend who came to Japan together with me since April had boarded the aeroplane to go back to Malaysia. He will be back for about 20 days and will come back Japan to finished off our Japanese Language school.

We ate our last Breakfast together at Matsuya(松屋).

We didn’t sleep at all yesterday night just to go to his room and talked there until it’s time for him to depart to the airport the next morning. Before his depart, we decided to go to eat breakfast together at Matsuya together. Took these photos while we are in there.( Few Japanese looked at us strangely….)

Lame Iphone photos…. LOL

He had been our best friends and a really kind man to us. He treat everyone nicely and sometimes a little bit rude. But in the other hand, we had no need to keep our self formal or considering when we tried to talk to him.

Well, All the Best to you and hopes to see you back soon~

Cake Tabehoudai(ケーキ食べ放題)

I know I had been writting about Tabehoudai(eat-all-you-can) a lot but this will be the final one for the time being.^^


It was about one and a half month ago when it was a week after my birthday. My friends who coming together with me to study at ABK Japanese language school had decided to help me celebrate my belated birthday by going to the cake tabehoudai.

The setting of the shop is very beautiful and very…. SWEET?

This cake tabehoudai is also located at Ikebukuro(池袋). It is very near from the pizza tabehoudai I wrote before. The restaurant’s name is Sweet Paradise. Sweet Paradise is also having it’s chain restaurant at other location like Shinjuku, Harajuky, and Ginza.

Got a bit excited and asked the 店員(staff )there for a photo session.

The cake tabehoudai costed us 1480 yen each person and have a time limit of one and a half hour. It contained more than 30 types of Sweets and more than 20 types of drinks. Best suited for those who like to eat sweet things. ^^

This is part of the Cake’s Corner.LOL…

Really ate lots that day and we all feeling hard to move around after the heavy meal. We also went playing some games at Game Center and then we all decided to go back since most of us already run out of money. ^^”

Pizza Tabehoudai

Last Friday I had went to Ikebukuro(池袋) to eat the pizza tabehoudai(ピザ食べ放題)with two of my friend from my Japanese school ABK.

Yummy! They even got Dessert Pizza which cannot be found on Malaysia.

We already talked about it last week that we will go to eat this Pizza Tabehoudai at that day. Since we(me and one of my friend from the same language school) both had been accepted into Toukai University(東海大學) together. So we decided to celebrate it by treating ourself to the delicious foods.

Yau-san which is a pretty girl with long hair.

The name of this restaurant is called Shakey’s. It provided variety types of pizza and pasta and also curry.^^ All these pizza for you to eat-all-you-want is only costed 850 yen and it had no time limit too just like the Sushi’s Tabehoudai whiched i wrote about yesterday. The taste of the pizza is great and the pasta aren’t so bad too. Didn’t tried the curry that day but think it must be good since the people around us are all eatting it.

Me and Comrade which passed Toukai University together. Me on  情報科学(System Computing)and she is on 観光学部(Travelling).

We didn’t managed to eat much since pizza is also a kind of bread. I also ate lots of things yesterday at my workplace and so didn’t really feel too hungry.^^ thought, we managed to eat almost every types of the pizza they provided. Also ate bunch of fried potatoes.

Spotted lots of cute japanese girls too.

Good to have tons of Tabehoudai course in Japan so we get to eat all we want once in a while. ^^

Accepted to Tokai University(東海大学合格)

After few month of practicing interview with teacher, study Japanese, keep english at top notch level and Science subject, today I finally received the Letter of Acceptance to Tokai University which is my first choice of University in Japan.

The letter of acceptance to Tokai University.

When my teacher first recommended this University for me. I declined him and said that the fees is too expensive there. But after I go back home and searched more about it. I fallen in love with it. That University has huge campus and nice view. Not just that but also with tennis court, swimming pool, Gymnasium, rugby court, Music room and etc.

The campus.

Well, I personally liked this University since the feeling is great. And I already have 2 Senpai inside this University already. Although the entrance fees and study fees is kinda expensive. it’s about 1700 K Yen a year….

I kinda looking forward to the life in the University and for now I will have to do more Arubaito to cover my living expenses and my move to around the University.

Anyway, Thanks all those who had supported me so far and my parent to support my expenses so far… I will work hard to get the scholarship from the University and then will help to return the money bits by bits.

Hiking at Takao-San (高尾山)

Last saturday, I followed my Japanese Language School, which is ABK to the hiking trip to Takao-San (高尾山). This trip is well known by Japanese and almost all Japanese went there for hiking when it’s their holiday during primary school.^^

From what I saw from the Weather Broadcast, it will be really sunny that day and so I asked one of my classmate to go together with me, which He become the main Cameraman for that day’s Hiking. ^^

My cameraman that day. He got a Awesome Camera… Hope to own one too…

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Foods Vending Machine In Japan

Yeah, And you are not having a blur eyes. I had discovered this Vending machine during my Trip to Rinkan Gakkou last few weeks ago and found it’s really amusing. ^^

Food Vending1

This is the vending machine… LOL.

With this Foods Vending Machine, you can always having hot food and can save on the time to cook something and moreover, you can always have it 24/7 !

Food Vending2

Here is another close up for you to see what you can have using this machine.

So, with this machine, you can also vending the Takoyaki (Squid Balls which eat during Japanese Festival), Fried Potatoes, Taiyaki (Which always eat by a girl keep saying “Ugghuuu…”), Chicken and Potatoes, Cyasyuu Onigiri, and Yaki Onigiri…

It’s really amazed and ironic when I see that to how much extend that the Japanese wish for human life to be more easier (the japanese having one word for this is called 便利. Guess you can read it using chinese too.)


Phew! Life never been so busy. Just after I got back from the Rinkan Gakkou 2 weeks ago, then it’s Exam… After the exam, Soon it is my Homestay Trip. LOL

Just got back from my Homestay’s trip at Saitama-ken. Our school asked us to write about what do you think about your homestay trip. And so I wrote it up before I forget about it.

Below is my 感想文(what do I think) about my Homestay Trip(All in Japanese though…):







This is supposed to pass up to ABK Japanese Language school but I think it worth a post itself. ^^


The Old Japanese house itself and the Sinohara-san Family.

Where had I been?

Sorry for the lacking of post for the past two week. I went to Rinkan Gakkou organized by ABK Japanese Language school. Then, Exams are follow on until now(actually the exams continue until next week…). So I had been extremely busy to keep up with all those activities and in the meanwhile have to study for exams. The result is that the lacking of new post in this site for the past two weeks….

So now while I’m having some little time, I will be continue posting bit by bit. Just let you know somethings about what I’m going to post on this point on:

  1. The Trip to Fuji Mountain during Rinkan Gakkou
  2. My First Figma
  3. My Second Figma
  4. My Third Figma nah….
  5. My Performance During Rinkan Gakkou

Well, Guess that’s it. At the end of this short post, let me show you some of the photos during Rinkan Gakkou.

Mt. Fuji

View of Mount Fuji on our trip back to Tokyo.