Suzuki Sirius Get!!

Hehe. Just from what you saw in my MSN status few days ago, I finally got myself my dream harmonica, Suzuki Sirius 14 holes. ^^

Just as some of you had already know, I had said that I will definitely buy this harmonica when I’m getting some extra money. At last friday, I finally got my scholarship money banked in for me. ^^ Can’t tell you how much due to personal reason.

Bought at Taniguchi Musical Instrument shop.

I had write a post about Suzuki’s new Sirius and Gregorie Maret last time here and I did mentioned that I liked the new Sirius very much. The reason is simple, It have silver plated mouthpiece, responsive and the tone of the harmonica is really great.

Taking it out from the box.

The hard cover of the box is really beautiful too. And the shop had asked me to write the Ownership slip by Suzuki, which proved that you had owned this harmonica. ^^ And they will contact you whenever Suzuki got new workshop or some gathering. Maybe I will meet up with Ootaka-san which came to Malaysia few years ago. Hehe.

Open up the hard cover.

As you can see in the picture, It’s sealed nicely in plastic cover too. Meant that no one had every touched her after her birth. It also included two plate of paper(I guess?) to prevent oxidation of the silver plates. Liked how professional they are at sealing her and make sure you are the first one to come contact with her.

Taken off the plastic cover.

The Suzuki Sirius not only have silver plated mouthpieces, they also added a new technology by adding weight at the reeds plates which will make the tone more low and sounding more sweets. There are 3 version of Sirius which are 12 holes, 14 holes and 16 holes version.

The back side, Never forgot the M. SUZUKI sign~ I would prefer they printed Sirius at it too ^^

The 12 holes and 14 holes version are in half slides, which mean you can play faster songs which required you to push the slides more often accurately. And for the 16 holes version is in full slide. For me who played lots of fast song like William tell, Can Can, and A gust of wind, I would definitely wanted the half slides version. This is my first half slide harmonica.

A bit blur but think you can still see it’s a half slide. all the holes are at the upper part when you didn’t push the slide.

I had played it for about 15 minutes after I unpacked it for photos session. And it’s just wow. ^^ I can played Espana Cani’s fast part without stucked slide. It sounded more perfect with this new harmonica. Yeah, the harmonica is still new so I would prefer not to push her to the limit first today. I just gave her a nice warm up about how my style of playing. ^^

Yes, believed that you had notice too. It’s a Her. She is so soft and soothing. I’m positive Sirius is a Her. ^^

Putting it back to the box for rest. ^^ Yeah, Believe me, Harmonica need rest too.

So what I will do from now on is to post more of my harmonica playing videos to Youtube. You will be seeing lots of Anime songs from me at Youtube soon. Of course, I will be introducing some tools I’m used for recording too. Just a great harmonica is not enough to make Great videos. I bought some recording devices which I will be introducing too soon. ^^

My Love!!

Lastly, never forgot to give some credits to Taniguchi Gakki shop(谷口楽器). The Boss is really nice giving me discount again at the market prices. If you are in Japan and are going to buy new harmonica, I will advice you go to Taniguchi which located at Ochanomizu(御茶ノ水). You can also test most of the harmonica there except the Super Expensive Fabulous. ^^”

Lastly, thanks all of you who read this post. If you found this post through Google, then I want to congratulate you. You must have quite some level until you will start to getting interest in great Harmonica. Wish Malaysia have some Sirius Owner too soon. ^^

P.S. Forgot to mention the price, I got it at around 33K yen, X0.035 current rate = RM 1155.

27 April 2010: Added Brendan Power’s Youtube video of introduction of Suzuki Sirius.

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52 Responses to Suzuki Sirius Get!!

  1. vivian ng says:

    wow…ming han…look like the new harmonica is so good!!! haha…until u consider it as her…!!!juz like ur wife…hahax…

  2. dans says:

    nice. I always want to try playing harmonica. maybe you could teach me someday ^^

  3. CLF says:

    finally got it!! 😀
    how come so nice can get discount de? rarely see it in Japan as they’ll stick to the market price most of the time.

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Hehe. His price is already cheaper than the Market price, And then he give me discount again.

      Taniguchi Gakki is the Biggest harmonica selling instrumental shop in Japan. ^^

  4. Lester Ho says:

    Wow! Nice one. Good luck on playing it.

  5. kc_liaw says:

    haha.. u finally got it.. congrate. .. there is nothing more happier than u get what u dream for.

    happy enjoy it.


  6. kc_liaw says:

    i tried fabulous b4.. really can feel its power. but the tone color is bit too bright. tat y i still hasitate whether to invest one. oh.. now i fall in love iw classic hohner 270. i found tat after u did some adjustment, its power is.. kao kao.. of course.. not mean to compare w ur sirius lar… your is farrari.. 270 is just a honda……

  7. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha. Good. Had never tried any 270 before so I don’t really know it’s potential.

    I also can’t get used to Sirius’s tone too. Since it’s not steel comb or metal comb but just plastic comb, the tone is not bright enough to suit my old taste yet.

    But I’m sure I will get used to it soon after some more playing. ^^

    Fabulous is steel comb right?

    • kc_liaw says:

      fabulous is brass comb palted with silver.

      if u wanna increse the brightnees of your siriu. here is what u can experiment.

      get a piece metal, either mild steel or stainless steel. size is sama length as the harmonica, but hight is bit higher than comb until it cover up the cover plate.

      glue this piece of metal bar to ur sirius comb by using those form double sided tape..

      immediately what u dream for will appear. haliluyah..


  8. lkeith89 says:

    congratulation on your new harmonica

  9. MikibXoo2 says:

    Good theory. I love it. Thank you for sharing

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  11. Chuong says:


    I am making a tough decision between the G-48W and the S-56 and I will be very appreciated if you respond to this. As I read in another post you said that the G-48w have good response and mellow tone while the S-56 is easy in tone control. Well, did you feel a subtle different between the two? And in what video you posted did you use the S-56?


    PS: It’s really nice to be in Japan. I wish I will go there some day. A wonderful country!

    • The between those two are the tone and the responsive as I mentioned. If you really have to know their different, think it’s best for you to try it out yourself by maybe, asking some of your friends let you test them. Almost all video I posted are using S-56, Except some that are older than 2010.

      ^^ Yeah, It’s a really nice country.

  12. Jose Ruiz says:

    I know how you feel my girl came in on tuesday the 26 of april sirius 14 hole and she is smooth and quick and warm best investment I have ever made. got it at guitar center on line for $549.00 plus tax, my hohner chromatics are crying cause them never sounded that sweet.

    • ^^ congrat on your Sirius. Ya. Hohner didn’t sound so nice. But I do wish to buy a hohner Super 64X to have a try if I were to buy a new harmonica next time.

  13. clakos says:

    c’est toujours une hesitation d’acheter un harmonica dont les anches ne sont pas reparables; pensez à ce service, long, et hasardeux!!! c’est comme acheter une guitare dont on ne peut pas changer les cordes!!

  14. clakos says:

    where do you buy sirius harmonica on better price?

  15. Hi to every one, the contents existing at this website are genuinely remarkable for people experience,
    well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  16. JoePong says:

    Hello there,
    may I know is it still on a better price till today? @@

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