Suzuki Sirius and Gregorie Maret

Today I went to Taniguchi【谷口楽器】 (Sorry, Official website currentlly cannot access.)musical instrument shop to try out the new Suzuki harmonica named Sirius and Gregorie Maret.

The poster inside the shop.

Had got this news about the harmonica release by Mun Pheng(from Mr. Liaw) and quickly searched through the internet about it. Then I found out that we are able to test their new harmonica at Taniguchi musical instrument shop which located at Ocha no mizu【御茶ノ水】.

The Gregoria Maret Steel version… Wow.. Blue coloured…

Finally decided to depart for to test the harmonica today. Reached there around 12.30 and was testing the harmonica there for 1 hour! LOL. Today is quite cold and my hand is getting pain from the cold wind.

The Gregorie Maret Wood Cover Version… Urr… very Woody?

It’s so cold out there caused my nose acting strange and I feel a bit ashamed when I wanted to try their harmonica… ^^

My Favorite Sirius!

The result of the test:

Gregorie Maret is very responsive for both the steel version and the wood cover version. The wood cover version have mellowed tone.

The first time I saw so many harmonica in Display… They are all free to test!! They also got Magic Garden Limited. Last one remaining… Mr Liaw if you want it I can help you buy it. ^^ RM 1200 only…

While for Sirius, Wow…. Different… It’s really easy to control the tone you want. Either you wanna bend it, stacatto it, using diaphragm to play softened tone, it’s totally in your control. Yes! I would say that it’s Extremely easy to control the harmonica if you are really skilled.

The new SCX V2(Version 2) also known by Chromatica only cost 12,600 yen, which is RM 380 – RM 490.

Really feel want to buy the Sirius but it cost a bomb…. About 40K yen or RM 1300++ for your reference…. Will definitely buy it but not sure it’s few months later….

Really thanks Taniguchi Musical Instumental for all the Free Testing of the Harmonica. For your info, Taniguchi had a floor which is speciallised for Harmonica Section so you will definitely want to go to it if you comes to Japan. You can also get the cheaper Harmonica from them rather than directly from Internet or from other shops. Too bad they didn’t let me try the Fabulous….

P.S : Will meet up with Japanese Harmonica Player tomorrow. Might blog about it if have times.

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  2. gerardo says:

    Hi Iam interested in sirus s56s susuki harmonica can you tell me how much are in Japan

  3. where can i buy this harmonica in india

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