Sushi Tabehoudai (寿司食べ放題)

Just now I had been to Ueno(上野) having sushi’s Tabehoudai(すし食べ放題) with my friends. We went there to buy cloth but then the time is getting late and so we decided to have our dinner there.^^

Our First round’s order.

The sushi tabehoudai costed us 1050 yen(about RM 35) per person and it had no time limit.^^ Which meant that we can eat, rest, eat, chat, rest, play PSP, and then eat again until 10.3o p.m. We got to eat 40 types of different sushi there. Although the Suhi’s quality is not the top notch, I’m satisfied with it since the taste is not so bad.

The Entrance of the shop.

It had been a long time since I last ate sushi for lunch and so think it’s a good chance to release my hunger for sushi from this Tabehoudai Course. We ate the total of 25 sushi each person and we all think that we had what we paid back.^^ We had a total of 5 rounds of order and each round contained more than 12-15 sushi ordered.

Here is the Menu (料金表)for those who are interested.

Besides from the Sushi Tabehoudai, I also bought a set of Outdoor sport wear with just 1600 Yen. Yes, it’s extremely cheap considering the normal price for a Sport Jacket already can cost you 6000 yen. If you are finding cheap shirts and pants, I would recommend you to go to Ueno and go to their local shopping district.

It had been a fun day for me going out with my friends.

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5 Responses to Sushi Tabehoudai (寿司食べ放題)

  1. Matteas says:

    Tabehoudai for 1050 yen? Well, in my country, you would get about 8 pieces of sake maki or 2 pieces of maguro nigiri for 1050 yen’s worth of czech korunas -_-‘

  2. lkeith89 says:

    lol… so worth!!! Well, it has been a long long time since the last time i ate sushi… Haha… because………. eating one sushi is quite expansive here, even you in Sushi king, Sushi Queen, Sakai Sushi, you need RM50 to get in there. Its a quite big burden for me to eat sushi. haha.

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Haha… then it’s better to come here and eat… 1050 yen which mean about RM 35-40 and you can eat all you want….

      Actually go Sushi King eat about 10 plate is also around RM 20 only. ^^

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