StarCraft II all cleared

In 2 days of time after 1 days of it’s release date, I had finished up StarCraft II’s campaign Mode for the Terrans. What I can say about this game is ” It’s damned great!”

The story is simple, If I was to conclude it in the most simple way, it would be like this :

meet up old friends, start helping collecting Xel’naga’s artifact, fighting dominant, team up with them , using the Xel’naga’s artifact and neutralized the Zerg Virus on his girlfriend. The End

For more information please visit Wikipedia.

Haha. I admit that I’m bad at writing up stuff. The game play experience is also very great. You can choose between Casual, Normal, Hard , or Brutal Mode to play the game. You can play whatever mode and change mode even in the middle of the story. I had cleared the normal mode. I had tried Hard mode on the last mission and it was really ….. HARD… Hell I can never beat the hard mode for the last Mission… Can’t imagine how it was in Brutal mode…

Besides that, There are few scenes in the story kinda amusing. such as this:

Don’t shoot at Screen…. <– The main character had get angry and shoot at the screen once… LOL

They are creative enough to make a shooting game for you to play at if you are getting bored at the missions.

Hoho! iMac, iPhone, iPod, and iPistol at the future?

Well. Really had fun playing the game and I think StarCraft 2 is really the game you must play in your lifetime.

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  1. lkeith89 says:

    So xian mu u still have the time to play games…
    After i joinned the orientation of chinese reperesent society, i am really busy till now..
    and i had to follow up my studies, homework as well after the orientation ends… Maybe next time i will play it.. haha

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