The Endia & The Knights/終端の王と異世界の騎士(Sound Horizon)

Hehe, The promised song I mentioned at my LIVE at Ustream. ^^ The new song from Sound Horizon. Nothing much to say, here you go:

Read on for scores and descriptions:


endia-knight1 endia-knight2

Original MSG from Youtube:

2nd work of Sound Horizon’s song. ^^  Can’t get enough of the feel from the song. And it aint too easy to play with harmonica.This time I tried not to adjusting the volume too much and so it’s quite original like played fresh on the spot.
Wish you all like it~

Sound Horizonの2作目です。このメロディーはたまらない!!今Sound Horizon大好きモード~ ^^ まあ、曲風もすごい良いし、難易度も結構あるからすごい自分に適している曲と思います。

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