StarDust/スターダスト(Sound Horizon)

Sound Horizon’s StarDust this time. ^^

Read on for scores and description:


stardust1 stardust2

Original Youtube MSG:

P.S: Please listen to it with your Headphone on.
Made Sound Horizon’s song “Star Dust” this time. I really fell in love with their song recently. ^^
For this song, I put in more effort into the Harmony part and mixing of the Original Vocal into the Karaoke Version’s mp3.
Took me 2-3 days making this video. Hope you all will like it.

小さなお願い: ヘットフォンつけて聞いててね~
今度はSound HorizonのStar Dustを演奏してみました。今度はハモリとカラオケの編集に特に力を入れました。
全作業時間は2-3日です。 皆さんが気に入れると私は幸せです~ ^^

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