Hey~ it’s new video after summer holiday. ^^

Tried out few different things this times but guess the result still the same(?) ^^”

Read on for Score and Descriptions.




注意:右下は無視してください。 (^.^’’)

Present to you: Senbon Zakura~~
P.S.: please ignore the guy at right bottom….

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3 Responses to Senbonzakura/千本桜(Vocaloid)

  1. Felix says:

    You amaze me!
    I have dumb quetions if you dont mind answering 😀
    1. What key are you using? C or G?
    2. I am having trouble reading your score, is it harp tabs?
    I am looking around your blog and I can’t find the tutorial how to read your score haha

  2. Shiro says:

    can you do this song with a 24 holes harmonica and can you teach me how to read the score too ! :3
    Thk :3

    • YOHarmonica says:

      Hi. A 24 holes harmonica is kinda difficult I think. It is hard to play a song this fast with a 24 holes harmonica.
      About how to read the score, I think I will make a video on it soon(hopefully).

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