Shinkai Syoujyo/深海少女(Vocaloid)

LOL… Harmonica video again! Guess I’m lazy out typing new post so had been making harmonica videos recently… Gosh…

Status from Youtube. Can’t think of anything to write anymore~ ^^”  :

This song had won 1st place in Vocaloid Ranking at Nico Video Site. Really a nice song with pretty Miku. ^^ Enjoy~


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Hannya Singyou/般若心経(Vocaloid)

Recently the 般若心経(Hannya Singyou) which is a Buddhist Chant(famous for chinese who watched Journey to the West) had suddenly become very popular at Nico Nico Video site. ^^

Made this video out of boredom. It really doesn’t have any meaning playing this song using Harmonica since it only contain of 3 notes, which is #DO, #FA, and SO….

Check out the original by Hatsune Miku if you want. ^^”

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No, Thank You!(K-ON!!)

Yeah!!! Finally forced myself to record down this nice song from our favourite anime series, K-ON!!

Proudly bring you “No, Thank You!” Ending song from K-ON!! Guess you won’t ignore it by saying “No, Thank You!” won’t you? ^^”

As usual, Harmonica : Suzuki Sirius 14 holes.

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Motlys or Against The Light

It has been a long time until I finally decided to making new harmonica video. ^^

Well, this time it’s not from Anime/Touhou/Games. It’s originally from the world famous harmonica, Sigmund Groven’s song.

This song located at Harmonica Album of Sigmund Groven and I had loved it since I started playing Harmonica. Didn’t have chance to get the score for it but now I’m skilled enough to listen-copy out the notes myself.

Well then, Have fun. ^^

(No score/楽譜なし)

Jyounetsu Tairiku/情熱大陸

I forgot to post up this video on my blog so… here you go. ^^

This harmonica video is my first video that I had making the background myself with software. It’s a famous Japanese Violinist song. Have fun~

(No score. 楽譜なし)

[Deleted by Youtube]My Soul, Your Beats(Angel Beats)

Been slacking off 2 weeks and hadn’t been making new video. ^^

Here you are, My Soul, Your Beats! Opening song from Angel Beats! It’s really a famous anime in Japan produced by Jun Maeda. The other famous anime by Jun Maeda included Air, Kanon, and Clannad. ^^

As Usual, Harmonica used is Suzuki Sirius 14 holes. This time I had tried to adding Harmonic effect on the chorus parts. Hope you all will like it~

You can watch in Nico Video if you have an Account~ Link.

Bad Apple/バッドアップル(Touhou)

I think most of you already had watched the original of the Touhou Bad Apple video in either YouTube or NicoVideo before. So, without much talk again. Let’s go ahead to the Harmonica video.

Used New Suzuki Sirius 14 Holes to play and recorded using the Audio Interface from Roland, Microphone from Shure. This time had added Left/Right Effect to the music. Hope you all will enjoy it~

P.S. oh yeah, If you don’t know what is Touhou, watch this too.

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Yume no Tsubasa/ユメノツバサ(Tsubasa Chronicle)

Told you all that I will be posting more Harmonica Video now that I had bought the new Suzuki Sirius and my Audio Interface. ^^

This time the song is Yume no Tsubasa(ゆめのツバサ) from Tsubasa Chronicle. The song is quite soft and so It’s hard to express the soft parts.

Well, hopes you all enjoy it. ^^

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God Knows(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

Hi. It had been a few month since I last posted a Harmonica video. This time I will be playing God Knows from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi(涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱).

I know this song is already quite old, but well, I just liked it. ^^ The recording this time has been done with my new Suzuki Sirius Harmonica and new Audio Interface. Will post about the Audio interface soon.

Hope you all enjoy it~

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