Ashita Hare no Hi, Ge no Kinou/明日ハレの日、ケの昨日(Touhou)

My last harmonica video in Japan before I back to Malaysia for 1 month’s Chinese New Year Holiday. ^^

This video had contained all my knowledge/skills in Video editting, DTM, Harmonica, and recording. It tooks me about 4 days to complete all these process into a 3 minutes video~ Hope you all like it.

No score for it this time. ^^

Connect/コネクト(Magical Girl Madoka Magika)

New Harmonica video from the anime Magical Girl Madoka Magika. Can’t wait for the single to release and made the background(Drums, Guitar, Violin, Pads, Piano…) music myself with DTM software. Hope you all like it. ^^

It took me about 12 hours to make all those DTM and video editting. It’s somethings news for me to editting those video like this. ^^

Read on for score and description:

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