Road Maintenance

When I going back from my part-time job few days ago. I pass through a road maintenance near Nishi-Nippori area. As for your info. Japanese seldom do their road maintenance during day-time but often in night-time. Now you wonder why?

road maintenance1

A simple shot with my Iphone…

Japanese, they are someone who really don’t want to cause problem to other people. (迷惑を掛けるのは良くないこと). So, they scare they will causing problem for the road user, and so have the road maintenance done at night-time instead of at day-time.

But another point which I liked about their Road Maintenance is that, it is full of Con which will light up during night.

Road Maintenance 2

Saw those lights on the con? It feel like some kind of race is going to start.

Road maintenance 3

Another shot.

Not just the con will light, the maintainer also wear some equipment which will light up their body so other cars won’t bump into them. And so, decreasing the accident rate in Japan.

Back in Malaysia, when there are some road maintenance, it will surely causing Traffic Jam around the maintenance area… It’s really troublesome when you just happened to be really have to pass through that area…

Now, how about the road maintenance at your country?

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