Recent update about myself

Today having JLPT 2 test at Mikasano Center. For myself, I got sicked yesterday so didn’t really do any study. Let’s see what I will get in this exam next week.


The guide book for life in Japan.

Then, at night, we also received counselling course at the center about life in Japan. We were give each a big Envelope and a Guide book for our life in Japan. Inside the envelope also included our detailed information about ABK institute and our payment records.

For those still haven’t been informed, I will be reaching Japan’s Narita Airport at 3, April 2009. I will get on the aeroplane at Penang airport at 3, April 2009 at morning 8.00. According to teacher’s information, our flight will have a stop at Thailand and then will continue straight on to Narita at Japan.

And here is my Study Schedule at ABK Institute at Japan. Seemed to be a Busy year:


Schedules of study in ABK Institute. In yellow is study days, and in Red is Weekends or public holiday which doesn’t have class.

Well then, Hope me having good time going over Japan.

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