Reached Japan

After so long of time, I finally reached my dream land, Japan. Not really feeling well after reaching here since it’s raining heavily yesterday, and the flight got disturbed…

I can’t get a good sleep inside the plane and it make me feel like vommit more than 5 times on the trip to Japan. I ride the Thai Airline that fly from Bangkok International Airport to Narita International Airport.

Then at Narita International Airport, We hired some van driver which lives in Japan to fetch us from the Airport to our school and our dorm, which is Asia Bunka Kaikan. Paid ¥ 4,000 for the ride around 80 Km with luggage.

Then reached ABK at around 8.00 morning. Put all our luggage in our rooms after registered at the counter. Add in water which brought from my house to blend in their water and drank some of it. Then we go out for lunch at 11.00 with Shao Chen’s parents.

Have Lunch at a certain Ramen house near ABK costed ¥850 yen. Felt really painful for just a lunch ( 850 yen is around RM 28). Then we back at ABK to ask one of the management people to show us the ways to buy Futon-sets.

Walked to 西友(Seiyuu) to but the futon-set with cover, Costed 7,260 yen. The futon-set feel very confortable. ^^ Then get back dorm to have some rest, nap.

Walk out again at night for Dinner at Mc Donald with Mc Pork. 100 Yen each. Bought 1 and it was really delicious!! Would definitely try out for more soon.

The life here is not bad but just having problem in the financial. Loved the life in Japan.

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6 Responses to Reached Japan

  1. rikumi says:

    Wow…the expenses are quite high o_O; I wonder how it’d be like if I manage to go there later on. I have to get scholarship just to get there >_>; sigh

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Ya, the expenses is really high. I’m almost broke here. But it will be fine if you find a job and start working part-time. ^^

    When are you going to come over Japan?

  3. rikumi says:

    Not sure yet… after graduation I guess. But I still need people to sponsor me T^T Darn I’m not born into wealth….

    My mother said she’d allow me to go Japan if I get excellent grades everytime, but my Math and Add.Math failed me >_>; I have to temporarily stop all anime-related activities already…Haha.

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