POKEMON Stamp-rally 2009 in Japan.

Kids with Pikachu

Been seeing lots of kids wearing Pikachu’s Sun Blazer walking around at JR Station. Getting really interested in what they are doing. And found out that it’s actually Japan Nintendo’s new way of making money out of poor Anime lovers.


The Stamp-rally 2009’s Poster.

It’s a event called Pokemon Stamp-rally 2009. Which you collect Stamp from various JR station and then exchange for limited prizes. To let you know, if you wish to collect all those stamp from every Station, you will need to stop at every 96 Station in Japan. Wow.

First, you will have to get a free phamplet from any station and then start collecting 6 different stamps.

6 Stamps

Here you are, getting all those 6 stamps

After finished collecting all that 6 stamps, then you will need to head for the “Goal Station” which you can exchange prices.

Goal here.

The direction poster to show you the location of the prizes exchanging corner.

Goal Corner

And here it is, the goal corner. You see lots of people lining up to get their Goal Stamp and some prizes.

At the Goal Corner, Not only you can get the Last Goal Stamping on your phamplet, But you can also get a free Pikachu Sun Blazer, A Book Cover with images of Pokemons (Suit to place your Pokedex in it.) , and A Pokedex!(LOL at this.)

Pikachu sun blazer

Here you are the Cute Pikachu Sun Blazer. Can’t put on my head since it’s sized for kids.

Book Cover

The Book Cover, Which fit nicely to your pokedex.


And  here is your Pokedex! But it’s a Manual Type…..

Fit nicely

The book cover fit nicely with your pokedex. ^^

Fit nicely 2

It really fit nicely to your pokedex

And inside your Pokedex, it’s more Poke-Ball for you to Catch ‘EM ALL!

more space

Total of 96 Poke-Ball for you to Cath ‘EM ALL.

Reading from the instruction that once you collected all those 96 pokemon, you can exchange for the Pikachu’s Sleep Table Lamp. And hence, getting the chance to get lucky draw for Limited Edition of Pokemon Dolls. Well, I’m not that free to go to every 96 station and get all those Stamp… LOL.

To Cope up with the heavy expenses on JR, They promoting the Free Holiday Pass, Which you only pay once and you can ride and get off the train as many times at you like in a single day. Ticket for Adult is 2300 Yen and for children is 1100 yen. My favourite quote again ” Japan is sure good at packaging”… They even using pokemon to earn the money for the ticket….

end date

The event is from 25 July until 16 August, which is the period of which most Summer Holiday is for kids.

As you can see, the respond for this event is unexpectedly great! Been heard that they are having something similiar last year too. Guess they are earning a lots too this years. ^^”

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