Playing Duet with Harmonica Player Naruhiro-san(Chord)

Last sunday went Shinjuku to meet up with Toda Naruhiro (戸田成浩) and played duet together at a Karaoke Room for about 3 hours.

Naruhiro-san treating me to Ramen after the Harmonica Session.

Just like Sanada-san, I get to known Naruhiro-san from, which is a Japanese’s Facebook-type-website and we decided to meet up and have a session together.

Naruhiro-san is a Japanese but he can speak chinese. He had been study overseas at Taiwan for one year by Student exchange plan and had then been joining harmonica band at Taiwan.

Naruhiro-san now is main on Chords and (複音) Tremolo Harmonica. He played a song in Tremolo Harmonica and I feel WOW!!! His chords is also at normal standard and can doing session together without much problem.

We played few songs cause he bring his score which he got from Taiwan. Between these song are those you all are familiar with:

  1. Kiss of Fire
  2. Bumble Bee twist
  3. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  4. Old Big Clock
  5. Paris Diary
  6. etcs

At last, I decided to take one recording of our Jamming session and uploading it up net and let you all witness how a Japanese play chords (what the hell am I talking about… They play it normally, Using mouth and hand…)

The song name is 大きな古い時計 which is a famous Japanese songs sing by Hirai ken (平井 堅). We taking the recording inside a Karaoke room so the sound quality is quite bad….

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