Pizza Tabehoudai

Last Friday I had went to Ikebukuro(池袋) to eat the pizza tabehoudai(ピザ食べ放題)with two of my friend from my Japanese school ABK.

Yummy! They even got Dessert Pizza which cannot be found on Malaysia.

We already talked about it last week that we will go to eat this Pizza Tabehoudai at that day. Since we(me and one of my friend from the same language school) both had been accepted into Toukai University(東海大學) together. So we decided to celebrate it by treating ourself to the delicious foods.

Yau-san which is a pretty girl with long hair.

The name of this restaurant is called Shakey’s. It provided variety types of pizza and pasta and also curry.^^ All these pizza for you to eat-all-you-want is only costed 850 yen and it had no time limit too just like the Sushi’s Tabehoudai whiched i wrote about yesterday. The taste of the pizza is great and the pasta aren’t so bad too. Didn’t tried the curry that day but think it must be good since the people around us are all eatting it.

Me and Comrade which passed Toukai University together. Me on  情報科学(System Computing)and she is on 観光学部(Travelling).

We didn’t managed to eat much since pizza is also a kind of bread. I also ate lots of things yesterday at my workplace and so didn’t really feel too hungry.^^ thought, we managed to eat almost every types of the pizza they provided. Also ate bunch of fried potatoes.

Spotted lots of cute japanese girls too.

Good to have tons of Tabehoudai course in Japan so we get to eat all we want once in a while. ^^

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  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    Well… it is good that you found another fun way to eat while save your money !!!
    Malaysia should also have some kind of service like this….

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