Odawara Castle(小田原城)

Yesterday when I’m going to part-time job interview at Odawara, I had passed through this Castle. Asked the man after my interview and he told me the entrance is free so I decided to take a walk inside it.

Some historical education for the tourist to read. How much can you understand without english explanation? ^^

It’s kinda interesting to see such historical building located just beside of the main road inside a city. ^^

liked the red bridge. A bridge always remind me of the scene from Spirited Away where Chihiro have to cross the bridge without breathing so the spirits or gods there will not notice she is a human.

Crossing the bridge. A lovely couple taking photos~

Loved the natural-looking sign board.

The Odawara Castle had been listed as 100 famous castle of Japan since 2006. It’s located at Odawara station inside Kanagawa. If you lived at Kanagawa and haven’t pay a visit to it yet, then you should.

First entrance, can’t see the castle yet at here. Have to walk few hundred meters in before you can see the castle.

Spotted crow there. Japan’s crow is famous for being very HUGE!

A little museum that cost entrance fees. I’m not going in of course. ^^

Spotted this Bushi Armor at the entrance. Snap it and RUN! ^^

There are 2 entrance to the castle. I take the red bridge entrance and decide to head for the other entrance to see what is in there.

The other entrance, Akagane-Gate (銅門).

How much can you read? sure you can understand with the English below there. ^^

Proceed inner and found this sample of how the wall is made during the Edo Periods.

The wall is made of earth??

Further in and spotted this tree. ^^

Now we are finally going to be able to see the castle. Some step to go up the castle’s main garden.

Another gate, Tokiwa-Gi-Gate (常盤木門). The Japanese really like gate huh?

Then we are finally in the garden and here I spotted a cage. Walked in closer and I saw: Monkey! Monyet! La Kao! 猴子! 猿!

Notice: Please don’t make the animal your foods!(動物を食べ物にしないで下さい)

OK! Now we can finally see the Castle there! It’s  BERY Tall Desu~

If you want to go up the Castle for observation, you have to purchase a 400 Yen ticket… I wanna go up but too bad it’s already pass the time for entrance.

Spotted this Medal Making Machine(MMM maybe? ^^) and decided to give it a try.

Put in 100 yen and select the type of medal you would like it to make.

Video of me purchasing a medal:

Too bad I can’t show you all some good shots from the top of the Castle~ Guess I’m not having enough luck that day. ^^ Lastly, A photo of me inside it.

Still the lame pose~ Never improve….

It’s getting dark out there and so I started to head home after that. If you wanna read more about the Odawara-Castle, follow the Wikipedia.

Just noticed there are lots of Koi at the pond below the bridge on my way home~

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  1. Darren says:

    Read. What a nice trip. ^^

  2. Miranda says:

    I’ve read about this in a book. But by seeing those photos, I really wish I’d been there T^T Btw, have you got the job yet? =D

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