News for Penang Harmonica Players

An Epic Quote :

[ I have good news and bad news for you all. Which do you want to listen to first? ]

Well, Guess you all choose to listen to good news first. And so there you are:

The video for the concert and prize giving ceremony last year already done and was send out to malaysia through postage service.

In the other hand, the bad news:

The time needed for the video to reach malaysia is about 2 weeks to a month….

And here I would want to use this chance to appologies to all of you that I’ve been taking too much time to finish off the video. I have lots of things to keep me busy here so it’s quite hard for me too. Now then the video is done and so I’m relieved.


By the way. I heard that the Ensemble camp just occured in Penang last week. I would like to see some photos or video if you all have. ^^

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6 Responses to News for Penang Harmonica Players

  1. lkeith89 says:

    can, next time bring u go lo. haha. u there more fun la… so many hot spring pool. Cant compare with buatan malaysia one..

  2. mpheng89 says:

    ming han i will wait it, i know u very busy

  3. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Ikeith89 > you should reply my comments on your own blog, not here. ^^

    mpheng89> LOL.

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