New Touhou(東方) Wave?

Well, It’s not a post about 東方神起 as you thought. It is a post about Touhou Project. Last month when I go to Akihabara’s Gamers for some window shopping, I found this poster sticked on the ground.


The huge poster sticked on the ground.

東方雅華乱舞-外伝-「Connection Collection」.

It seemed to be some kind of card game which you battle with your friends using those Touhou Card and then calculating Points and 霊力 thingy…

I didn’t get involved myself in the game since it require lots of money. Besides that, card game is somewhat of collection things too. If you start collect it, you will never stop until you fully collected all of them. To prevent those things from happened to myself, I choose to not get myself involved.

But then, Last week when my previous visit to Gamers again, I already saw some folk playing them at the 7th floors of Gamers(7th floor is for card gaming and events). I didn’t know any of them so It’s impossible for me to approach them and ask them about the rules of the card games….

Card game2

Another shot.

For more information you can go to the official site of the card game located here.

Well, for myself I kinda looking forward for the Summer Comiket… Can’t wait to buy and play the full version of Touhou Project 11. Just can’t get enough of shooting games from ZUN.

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